“Robin Hood in Reverse”: Bank Bailout Bonanza Heats Up (Again)
Aaron Task
Daily Ticker, August 12, 2011

Category: Bailout Nation, Bailouts, Real Estate, Video

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4 Responses to “Robin Hood in Reverse: Bank Bailout Bonanza Heats Up”

  1. AHodge says:

    feared by the good
    loved by the bad
    yoooooooou’ve been had

    dam you an accountant now boy!!!!! go speak truth to their annual meeting???????

  2. iantaplin says:


    Thank-god we have you !

    Here in the UK we are stunned by the sudden outbreak of riots on our city streets.

    I ask ;-

    UK Retail banks have been looting Uk consumers for years;every month we hear of more fines being imposed by the rgaultors ;but they just carry on looting their cutsomers.

    Then when young kids and the not very grown adults go on the rampage and loot our shops and property ;cries of ;

    “Lets track them down and haul them in fron t of the courts!”

    Not one UK corporate banker has been in front of the courts for their looting.

    Not one US Corpoatre banker has been in front of the courts for their looting

    I enjoy your work and writing;can I link in with you on my forthcoming website soon to be launched?

    Just keep on plugging away ;you will win through.

    Best wishes

    Ian Taplin


    Its a legitimate and considered whistle blowing site exposing the behaviour of UK retail l banking executives- published within UK libel law guidelines.

    I am a former UK Private Banker dismissed for alleging fraudulent activites at Lloyds Private Bank .

  3. Greg0658 says:

    I agree Labor needs it Robinhood .. and thanks for your profile and intensity on it ..
    and if you missed this one .. I found this video compelling on gold and its 6000+ year funtion on the planet .. at 10m10s Joe kicks-it caught my imagination:

  4. Greg0658 says:

    psst ..

    word power alchemy .. all I will offer is thanks and a share / coin drop won’t happen
    good for the audio visual age – a method has been devised

    Wizard of Oz / the Wiz / the Witchs of Oz