Hey, not too shabby: MY Sunday WaPo column, Debt ceiling: 10 lessons beyond that crisis, seemed to have found an audience:

If you have not seen it yet, please give it a read.


Debt ceiling: 10 lessons beyond that crisis
Barry Ritholtz,
Washington Post, July 31, 2011 page G6

July 31 Gx6 PDF

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14 Responses to “Sunday WaPo Column: Lessons Beyond Debt Ceiling”

  1. Trevor says:

    It would seem that most of the ten issues are connected by a thread that, in the past (even if seen through rose-tinted glasses), the average person elected the person they saw as most competent. In the past thirty years or so, the public has voted for people most ‘like them,’ thereby lowering the overall competence of elected officials. One gets the government (and subsequent regulations) for which one votes…. The current media-fueled race to the political bottom can only end badly (and this race is not only in the U.S.).

    My, I’m a pessimist, this morning….

  2. gordo365 says:

    Nice work Barry!

  3. Sechel says:

    I would add one sub-bullet to #10.
    In virtually every subprime mortgage deal where was one, sometimes two senior bonds reserved for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. These bonds represented the majority of the deal size and was a major enabler of the subprime crisis.

  4. milkman says:

    Interesting article, maybe Cavuto will read it and have you on to educate the ignorant….

  5. Conan says:

    I am a Libertarian of mind set, but the problem with the last few years that there were no rules nor accountability. This is called Anarchy. Who was enforcing the laws on anything?? Wall Street? Immigration? Real Estate Loans? Political Campaigning and Lobbyists?? ETC, etc, etc. As in Anarchy it is all a question of power.

    Nobody, the laws were on the books and everybody was looking the other way. This is not freedom, nor is it liberty. It is Anarchy.

    Freedom is clear, enforced rules with limited government. This does not mean as it has lately, no rules, no enforcement and an exploding government. Americans are individuals that can do great things when unpleased. Until something along the lines of what I spelled out happens, then this potential will never be released.

    This is why I agree with Barry as he is right as to the systematic failure to do what we know needed to be done.

  6. gato.chan says:

    Great article. Best one I’ve seen in the Post so far.

  7. whskyjack says:

    Your welcome, I didn’t realise my passing it 0n to a few friends and family would have that impact};-)


  8. BusSchDean says:

    Terrific article! If only it will further some conversations.

  9. ilsm says:

    You do good work!

  10. whskyjack says:

    It is also a very good sign for the nation that a very mundane article could attract that much attention. And It didn’t even have “dead blond girl” in the title

    So maybe the American people are trying to sort the crap out from the reality. We can always hope.


  11. WFTA says:

    B.R. you say in item 4, “Millions of unqualified borrowers poured into the residential housing market as overleveraged buyers.”

    Am I wrong in my belief that the real demand was not from the unqualified borrowers, but from bond buyers trying to beat the yield of treasuries? Certainly borrowers had no say in dropping lending standards. Am I wrong to think that the bubble’s real origin was too much money available to invest?

    Still a great column.

  12. That’s called speaking truth to power. A nearly dead art form in our world. I’m glad you have a platform to revive it Barry

  13. APG says:

    Enjoyed the article BR. Did you see where Drudge had the graphic from your WaPo article as his headline picture all day Sunday?

  14. CitizenWhy says:

    A genuine public service. Thank you. Excellent talking pointed but, unlike the often fact-challenged propaganda of anti-government zealots and ideologues, these talking points will he heard, then not heard. Not hear at all.