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5 Responses to “Swiss Climber scales mountains with just pickaxes!”

  1. susiek says:

    Saw this as part of the traveling Banff Film Festival. These atheletes are cut from a different cloth and I am beyond impressed by their skill, strength, mental endurance, blah, blah, blah.

    The thing that I always wonder about though are the cameramen filming in all these crazy spots. I think they deserve some special award for being able to capture all this.

  2. Wow, that’s crazy stuff. We never hear about the guys that fall do we? :)

    I’m trying to remember if I posted this in your 10 reads section. This is another one. It is older but she is climbing with her bare hands. It makes you wonder why people do such reckless stuff

    UKC News – Catherine Destivelle Climbing Solo in Mali

    A blast from the past this week. This pre-YouTube video is of Catherine Destivelle soloing in Mali. Filmed in 1987, High Magazine commented,

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  4. dave says:

    American climbs Yosemite WITHOUT

  5. dave says:

    American climbs Yosemite WITHOUT pickaxes.

    IMHO, totally insane.