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The Idiot’s Guide to the S&P Credit Downgrade
Visible, August 17, 2011

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6 Responses to “The Idiot’s Guide to the S&P Credit Downgrade”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    Yesterdays breaking news that the SEC is investigating the S&P for their part in the mortgage/CDO scam was revealing.

    At a glance I thought it was an Obama shot across the bow for the U.S. downgrade, until I read that the S&P was notified prior to the downgrade of the U.S..

    Where it’s now known that S&P will accept money in exchange for biased ratings, one could pose the question – who paid for the U.S. downgrade?

    Also, if the S&P is found guilty of fraud or abuse of power/position with sovereign ratings…will the Koch-puppets in Supreme Court allow them to claim 1rst amendment rights?

  2. DeDude says:

    Yes, the US government had an active investigation of S&P going before the downgrade.

    Sort of raises the question if the downgrade was a tactical move to warn the government of “consequences” if they get “too close” – or a way to make it less likely that government would go aggressively after them (since it would look like retaliation).

  3. CalBear says:

    In the “How Did We Get Here” section it says:
    “2007 – Republicans win US House majority – conflicts between Congress and Administration”.

    WTF? Where did this “IDIOTS” guide come from? Oh wait – check sources listed at bottom:
    NY Times, NPR, UK Guardian!!

    Hate to be a nit-picker here boys, but here is your US Congress circa December 2007:

    110th United States Congress

    Duration: January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2009

    House Speaker: Nancy Pelosi (D)
    Senate Majority: Democratic Party
    House Majority: Democratic Party

    As long as we’re placing blame, might as well get it right!


    BR: I blame the people who are dumb enough to think the GOP and the Dems are really any different — One is bad and the other is worse.

  4. noilifcram says:

    Nov 2010 U.S. enters a recession?!? Did I miss something?

  5. you know, in the ‘Spirit’ of “140 char or less” ..

    “R We Fn Serious?”

    again?, with S&P

    past that..

    “BR: I blame the people who are dumb enough to think the GOP and the Dems are really any different …”

    has to be the, only, worthwhile, takeaway (on the Thread)

    continuing the Thought (of BR’s).. It’s, only, too, bad that Their ‘(Mail-/Mis-/Non-)-feasance’ isn’t recognized as the “High Crimes & Misdemeanors” that they, so, truly are..

  6. Hey guys, Tyler from Visible here. We just noticed our timeline descriptions are backwards on the second line and are going to fix those. Thanks for the heads up!