Its a slow holiday week, and with the end of August on us, we can have a little fun with the maps below from floatingsheep. They have mapped the price variants of marijuana across the country. Yellow = more expensive, Darker green = lower price. (There are no controls indicated for quality of product or THC density).


A Caveat: The analysis was based on data from the Price of Weed, a user-managed source that tries to paint a geographic picture of ganja cost. We can assume the folks who use that site perhaps might not always be the most reliable sources.


Price of Weed Flowing Data, August 29, 2011

Category: Commodities, Markets

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27 Responses to “The Price Of Weed in the US”

  1. machinehead says:

    NYC looks quite costly, but the data seem shaky. My dealer hasn’t hiked his price for years.

    For what it’s worth, he says cannabis sales volume is a coincident economic indicator.

    Northern Cali looks like the place to be — where you can harvest the bud right out of the national forest, if you don’t get shot.

  2. Orange14 says:

    One of our mantras in the late ’60s, early ’70s was “where there’s dope there’s hope.”

  3. Half the users never got around to posting the prices

  4. peachin says:

    Quality is a very large factor… from my perspective the best quality comes out of California – at reasonable prices – Why both? Quality and reasonable price? = More competition yields the best for consumers. It’s a REAL market economy – not like gold, coffee, now rice, oil, diamonds – all manipulated by the big guys in their fields…. no big guys, lots of suppliers – good supply (this was a good summer) yes real competition in a real market economy….

    This year’s first reflection: Nice color (dry) good fragrance) good buds, low seeds, nice smooth “High” head, no hunger heavy head bull shit….pairs well with dry red wine – a good Pinot. Better smoked than baked…. good sex…

  5. inessence says:

    Wow man…heh heh looks like it really low on the great lakes…man it looks like they give the shit away on water man…score’in my bus ticket right now for lake Eerie man.

  6. ilsm says:

    Far out!!!!!!

  7. theexpertisin says:

    The post brings a new geographical meaning to the lyric

    One toke over the line, Sweet Jesus…..

  8. wunsacon says:

    “Everything’s so greeeen.”

  9. maspablo says:

    the word is wholesale prices have dropped tremendously the last few years . With medicinal marijuana legas in several states , specifically California, Washington and Oregon ( Canada also) . Production and yield has skyrocketed , cutting wholesale costs throughout the country . Which , from what i hear from my friends who used for their own medicinal reasons in NYC , cut retail prices also .

  10. stonedwino says:

    In Metro NY the weed is of better quality the last couple of years and prices have come down a notch…for the good stuff, anyway…Northern Cali & Southern Oregon are it for the best prices…BR, interesting topic….right up my alley…

  11. gordo365 says:

    Why the caveat on reliability of data source? Weed smokers are less reliable than pokes why think president Obama is a muslim? Or those that believe in the devil? Or those that believe that dominion wafer/wine actually become the body/blood of christ. Pot smokers I know arent THAT whacko…

  12. gordo365 says:

    Damn iPhone auto correct…

  13. sauceman says:

    The little town of Weed is located in the darkest patch of green in northern CA.

  14. ZenRazor says:

    A couple of years ago I was told that the price on Stanford’s campus was much higher than that on UC Berkeley’s for similar quality, though they’re only about 40 miles apart. Maybe some Berkeley prof can do a study of the correlation between tuition and weed prices. With tuition rising dramatically in the UC system, will weed prices rise or fall? Finally an explanation of supply and demand elasticity that students will pay attention to (unless they’re stoned).

  15. Tyler K says:

    If I have learnt anything from this post, it is clearly that the folks in the US Midwest need to hedge their weed exposures. I propose a standardized Futures contract. Not sure what the symbol would be, but in the same sense as the spoos, I’m sure the front month could garner an interesting pseudonym (e.g. “hey look, the spliffs are up 12pts!).

  16. Tyler K says:

    PS — After further analysis, given their fixation with supporting asset prices, I’m sure that by the time QE9 rolls around the FED will have taken it upon itself to expanded its mandate to include targeting the term structure of the WEED contract.

  17. Ivana Puke says:

    I forgot what I was going to write.

  18. JerseyCynic says:

    What gordo365 said

    And…. Most pot smokers I know have already figured out “the real deal”

    “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”

    “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

    Confucius says, Man who stands on toilet is high on pot.

  19. royrogers says:

    this is another example of government stupidity,
    this consumption can be taxed. who is against taxing weed or dope ??

  20. number2son says:

    Ah … memories of “Indiana Ditch Weed”. Those were the days.

    On a related note, there was an interesting segment on The News Hour last night on professional growers in northern Mendocino County.

    Legalize it already: I think I’m in agreement with the libertarians here on that one, at least.

  21. WFTA says:

    In this economy one should heed the caution of Freewheelin’ Franklin, “Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”

    If you mow your own lawn, you can own your own garden.

  22. I was confused when I heard recently that wholesale prices to California dispensaries, while down “a lot”, are still around two grand a pound. I thought this was legal..?

  23. AHodge says:

    costs more where users/commenters are sparse
    the 2 vs 10 charts

  24. AHodge says:

    i must be stoned i meant the opposite

  25. MorticiaA says:

    There is no way in heck I’m going to click on the link from my work computer!

  26. wonderwood says:

    One odd thing about weed prices is the fact that LA has hundreds of dispensaries but our herb is some of the most expensive. I put out a book on the dispensaries phenomenon as a way of looking at the credit crisis – check it out here:

  27. ToNYC says:

    Dana Telsey TAG (Lehman refugee?) should get a new bag in her shop.