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The World By Its Resources,
Awesome Info Graphics, August 17, 2011

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15 Responses to “The World By Its Resources”

  1. VennData says:

    Gold. Who has the gold?

    Who ever has the gold will rule. Gold will save us, save you, save me. Buy Gold. Buy Gold now.

    Gold is NOT a bubble. Obama is a bubble. Save yourself, save America! buy GOLD! It’s in the Bible!!!

  2. patfla says:

    Rubber is native to Brazil but you’ll see that all the major rubber-producing countries are in SE Asia.

    Rubber was never able to successfully commercialize in the S. America because of S. American leaf blight. If you put enough rubber trees closely together they’ll spread the disease among themselves and all die. They survive by the trees living individually at considerable distances from one another – except this makes extracting their rubber much more expensive.

    The S. American leaf blight has never made it to SE Asia – which is surprising in this day and age. If it did reach there, the plantations would be wiped out. Can’t artificial products make up the difference? No – so far scientists have not been able, in the lab, to produce a substance that has the remarkable properties of rubber. Aren’t we less reliant on rubber? No – for one, radial tires required _more_ (not less) natural rubber than their predecessors.

    Isn’t news like this more depressing news about what a fragile state the world is in? Yes and no. At 7 bln people we are probably greatly stretching the resources of the planet. But we are also the adaptable and ingenious creature to have ever come along and that stuff about complex systems? Well sometimes the complex systems are more – not less – stable than less complex systems. Life in general has moved from simplicity to complexity. There’s a reason for that.

    So we need to understand that there’s complexity that’s bad and complexity that’s good. Except that it’s somewhat more complex than that.

  3. VennData says:

    How DARE you mock gold.

    You will starve, die to death on a heated bed of nails and broken glass alone, with out gold. Goldless.

  4. says:

    Something is effed with this chart. According to Sprott the US is the worlds 3rd largest producer of oil.

  5. patfla says:

    No. The chart is measuring oil reserves – not production. For that matter, Russia is the largest producer (last I checked) but Saudi Arabia (supposedly) has much greater reserves.

  6. theexpertisin says:

    The bottom 50% (those who pay no Fed income taxes) are propeling the U.S. to lead the world in a peculiar commodity: entitlementitis


    BR: Bottom 50% ? You mean the elderly, children, unemployed? Yes, we need tot ax those fuckers!

  7. says:

    Thanks Patfla — I missed that. Reserves. Reserves that NEVER decrease. LOL

  8. patfla says:

    Yeah – Saudi reserves are subject to debate. Which is unfortunate since they’re supposed to the suppliers of last resort.

  9. michelle says:

    Given that the US doesn’t have so much useful resources, our economy basically relies on other countries. So even though our economy is the biggest in the world right now, I think that if we don’t hurry up and get our act together with the debt situation and such problems, it will cripple and we might even slip from our position as the global superpower.


    BR: You mean other than Coal, Oil and Natural gas, and all manners of industrial metals ?

  10. crutcher says:

    Alberta is actually the American supply of last resort.

    Unconventional resources are so often overlooked by those obsessed with Saudi reserves. Americans get most of their imports from Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and Nigeria. So it shall ever be, world until end.

  11. [...] I’m not sure what this means for the chinese markets, yet I saw another post today on Ritholtz’s Blog, china’s the biggest producer of Gold in the world. Guess we’re preparing already . [...]

  12. monne says:

    Great overview :)



  13. TerryC says:

    We are also number 1 in world coal reserves, and pretty high up in production.

  14. realgm says:

    The US also has a lot of rare earth that they stoped producing since they can get it cheaply from China and also the fact that mining rare earth would create environment issue.

    The US gov’t has been very smart in trading devalued (and may potentially be worthless) USD into real assets by buying other countries resources using USD and not using its own local resources.