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• Stop the Panic. It’s Not 2008. (Daily Beast)
• What HFT Hedge Funds Tell Us About Carried Interest (Obsolete Dogma)
• Gold’s climb is perfectly rational (CNN Money)
• What Is Business Waiting For? (NYT) see also It’s the Aggregate Demand, Stupid (Economix)
• Debt Crisis Threatens to Taint Broader Economy (NYT)
• Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012 (Market Watch)
• The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom (Telegraph)
• Five Tips for Marketers From MTV’s Study of Millennials’ Digital Habits (Ad Age)
• The Death of Booting Up (Slate) see also Microsoft Faces the Post-PC World (WSJ)
• MPAA Lobbies For Wall Street Reform (Torrent Freak)

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11 Responses to “Tuesday Afternoon Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    After the Bachmann victory, the GOP medi machine elites like Larry Kudlow and Edwafd Morrisery are dismissing her vicory without a MadMen-like sexism

    But I’ve got news for you admen, the Tea Party monster you created isn’t goinf to go for Romney and will implode at the Democrats vidoe barrage of Perry’s anti-American sedition.

  2. VennData says:

    Marketwatch riots in 2012…

    ‘…Across our planet a new generation is filled with rage…’

    No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now…

  3. singfoom says:

    Ferrel’s piece in MarketWatch is spot on. The problem is that none of the things he suggest or any actual policy positions that might address our larger problems are possible with our current Congress or any Congress in the near term.

    Congress’s (both parties) addiction to the money of the super rich to continue to benefit them with preferential tax/policy treatment means we’ll never get off this Ferris Wheel. It’ll just keep going until the Revolution he has warned against becomes reality.

  4. econimonium says:

    That Ad Age article….ugh. Talk about sniffing your own exhaust, everyone knows that MTV’s demographic is the lowest of the low of the under 18 set. I know (unlike say Krugman) I’m only an adjunct professor but I start off each semester asking my classes two questions (I will do so again in a couple of weeks): Do you own an iPad, and do you Tweet? Last semester I got my first yes to the iPad, but the guy quickly said “I bought it for my girlfriend” when the entire class turned around and looked at him. Universally they answer “NO” to the second question and when I probe further, they all use various forms of “it’s a complete waste of time” for their answer. Everyone, OTOH, Facebooks.

    I am studying if “brand” means anything to people on social sites, and so far all indications seem to point to local business and not national ones. For example, the local tattoo shop has a huge following and probably more involvement than you might imagine, as does a local pub. But when I track or ask about big national brands no one really cares.

    So it would appear that the internet is still disintermediating via social media sites. Big brands are looking for ways to tap into this, but so far it seems to be the little local guys that inspire the most intense relationships…just like in real life. Who’d have thought? There’s probably a book here for me ;)

  5. Doc at the Radar Station says:

    Related to the Market Watch story:
    The Terrible Awful Truth about Supplemental Security Income

    You have to read the whole thing to get a handle on where he’s coming from…

  6. VennData says:

    “…Texas Governor Rick Perry, the latest entrant in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012, said it would be “almost treacherous — or treasonous” for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke to increase stimulus spending before the 2012 election…”

    This fellow from Texas thinks the Fed controls spending.

    You go GOP. You guys crack me up. This guy’s dumber than Palin. You use lunatic arguments that only appeal to idiots, so you can only get idiots to run for office.

  7. budhak0n says:

    Rick Perry is a very dangerous individual. All I’ve got to say about that. But thankfully , just like most of the nominees, he has very little shot, and if they should win.

    It’s ok. Time to move on anyway

  8. brianinla says:

    Hey VennData what would you call the $600 billion Bernanke spent on QE2? Let me guess, you’ll try to make something up and not call it stimulus. I mean, really, you don’t have to answer because you’re as big a partisan hack as JimRino. I seriously doubt that you love Obama that much, it’s just that for whatever reason every – single – post you make has to be about Republicans. Do you get paid by the post or is it an hourly wage thing?

  9. number2son says:

    The Osborne article in The Telegraph makes me wonder if this is a trend. Recall the story earlier this week from Steven Pearlstein: Blame for financial mess starts with the corporate lobby – The Washington Post

    Of course, this is a monster thirty years in the making, and won’t be undone by a few opinion pieces. But both Pearlstein and Osborne expose the gnarled roots of the rot in western society.

  10. number2son says:

    brianinla, gee whiz. Is it really partisanship to rightly point out that monetary policy is not stimulative?
    Trying to fix the balance sheets of banks through quantitative easing has not paved a single road, hired a single teacher, or funded one alternative energy project.

    Reading Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012 – MarketWatch, I reflect on a conversation I had with my son, recently graduated from college and now facing repaying his student loans while looking for work that isn’t coming (yet). He and hundreds of thousands of other recent grads will pay 6.8% interest on those loans. And I can’t help him reconcile this with the money loaned to financial institutions at almost 0%.

  11. ToNYC says:

    The Bernank’s heads-up clarity for the markets just might be his crowning dis-achievement. The unintended consequences of turning the UST 2-yr into a risk-free return will pour so much smoke in the free market that the bank’s toxic arbitrage will proceed apace. Two more years of no bucks, proud savers for their retirement. Moral trainwreck.