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Google+ User Staticstics, GigaOm, August 19, 2011

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7 Responses to “Are 83% Of Google+ Users Inactive?”

  1. attilahooper says:

    How the hell do you get from that dataset to 83% G+ inactive ? If indeed, maybe G+ users have more important things than farmville.

  2. Stuart Douglas says:

    In honor of making my time on G+ more active, I just logged on and put BR into my circle of people I am following. : )

  3. jonpublic says:

    My plus feed has about 6 posts a day for about 150 people that I’m following.

    Compare that to facebook where I might see about a bzillion posts from the 300 or so friends I have.

    It’s not a social networking site, it’s an identity site wrapped in the guise of a social networking site.

  4. Andrew says:

    There are plenty of criticisms in the comments on that GigaOm post. The original data that delivered the inactive stat is pulled from accounts that opted in to indexing by a site, which itself can only poll their public data.

  5. Lee_in_DC says:

    Market value derived from cognitive waste…brilliant!!

  6. EdDunkle says:

    Have a great weekend, everybody, and get some rest, Mr. Ritholtz!

  7. Bob A says:

    probably.. but then it’s probably pretty much the same for facebook.
    i know i have a dummy facebook account i never use
    it’s not like they delete your account if it’s inactive or seldom used is it.

    along with a skype account i rarely if ever use
    yahoo account i use for selective purposes
    msn account same
    and several others
    etc etc