Bill Nye: Hurricane Irene evidence of climate change
CBS News, August 30, 2011

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5 Responses to “Bill Nye: Hurricane Irene evidence of climate change”

  1. cyaker says:

    Check this out

    Ron Paul: I don’t accept the theory of evolution
    “Well, first i thought it was a very inappropriate question, you know, for the presidency to be decided on a scientific matter,” he said. “I think it’s a theory…the theory of evolution and I don’t accept it as a theory. But I think the creator that i know, you know created us, every one of us and created the universe and the precise time and manner and all. I just don’t think we’re at the point where anybody has absolute proof on either side.”

    I guess Reality doesn’t much matter and as a bumper sticker I saw says “Gravity is just a Theory”

  2. W_Nelson says:

    Unlike gravity, you can’t use the Theory of Evolution or Global Warming Models to make predictions. Not yet.

  3. ChuckC says:

    Seriously . . . . .

    This was really worth a post on your site?

  4. formerlawyer says:

    @ W_Nelson Says:

    Technically you are correct, especially given the complexity of the biosphere, however early models have been eerily predictive:

    As to Bill Nye’s comments:

  5. scottsabol says:

    Once again, as a meteorologist, I find it very disconcerting that every time a natural disaster occurs, there are some that blame global warming. Before I continue, let me make it clear that I AM NOT DEBATING THE EXISTENCE OF ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING. Saying that all hurricanes that hit land, all severe weather tornado outbreaks and nor’easter type snowstorms are a direct cause of manmade global warming is flat out incorrect science. We have seen hurricanes like Irene before in history. The fact that it held its tropical characteristics into New England isn’t unheard of. There are direct relationships between natural cycles and hurricanes that are well-documented by William Grey of the NHC and others. (Google the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” as well as the “Madden Julian Oscillation”)

    We have been saying for years that New England due to these natural cycle shifts (AMO in a positive mode) was “living on borrowed” time and that a major hurricane would hit sooner than later. All of a sudden, this is news?

    I say this not to dismiss manmade global warming as a component of hurricane intensity or formation as there have been papers written showing this. What I want is ACCURATE and COMPLETE reporting by scientists like Bill Nye showing the DOCUMENTED natural cycles along with the AGW components of hurricane formation. So far, I have yet to hear that from him.