Results “challenge one of the cornerstones of the whole of physics,” scientist says

An experiment indicates tiny particles called neutrinos traveled faster than the speed of light

Physics professor: “It’s very, very remarkable if it’s true”

Neutrinos are subatomic particles, part of the elemental building blocks of the universe

Scientists: Particles appear to travel faster than light
Laura Smith-Spark,
CNN 12:32 AM EST, Sat September 24, 2011

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7 Responses to “Faster Than Light Neutrino Particles ?”

  1. Jojo says:

    Hope this turns out to be true. We need to be able to go faster than light or use wormholes to make star travel viable.

  2. Bill in SF says:

    XKCD explains how one can profit from this news.

  3. endorendil says:

    With apologies to my former colleagues, this is fairly transparent BS. Yes, of course we can’t find the Higgs boson (because it makes no sense to begin with – I’ve never bought into that crap), but it’s not necessary to grab onto the next headline-generating joker in order to keep your funding. Give it some time, will ya. Maybe something better will pop up.

    But if it doesn’t (or you’ve actually been working this angle for a while, and we’re only just hearing about it), then by all means, run with this silliness. But for physics’ sake, find a better way to get funding approved soon….

  4. Bill in SF,

    speaking of XKCD, try this one..

  5. JohnnyVee says:

    Rule #1: Science is always wrong.