Wicked cool data visualization from Fathom:

The companies in the Fortune 500 during the years from 1955 to 2010 can be viewed by Rank, Revenue and Profit:
click for interactive graphic

What is missing is a linked alphabetical listing or even simple search function. I’d also like to be able to “shift-click” and see multiple companies simultaneously.

Regardless, way cool.

Hat tip Flowing Data

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2 Responses to “Fortune 500 Visualized”

  1. Bob A says:


  2. Da55id says:

    Every few years one or more companies are kicked out of an index such as the DOW or S&P. This leads to survivor and selection biases that falsely and misleadingly make it seem that the DOW et al just go up forever.

    Instead, what is needed is a series of DOWS (etc) that are shown by their vintage. For instance, DOW 1929 – 1939. What would it show? That this vintage DOW would be ridiculously lower than the 1999 – 2009 DOW. Which itself would be lower than the 2010 – 2011…because a significant number of the companies in each 10 year vintage are simply DEAD!!

    Barry, I’ll kick in a grand of my allowance money if you can find someone to do this. I’d be a wakeup call of enormous value and import.