Funny how the war in Libya and the price of Oil have slipped off the radar. Here is a quick reminder of the significance of revolution in this Oil rich country:


Source: Libya Oil Exports
WhoWhatWhy, August 31, 2011

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10 Responses to “Libya Oil Exports”

  1. albnyc says:

    Oh, it’s been there all along, obscured by the smoke of more recent fires.

  2. ToNYC says:

    That chart shows Berlusconi’s Oil ride with Qaddafi lost its wheels and not off Euro radar.

  3. dmunson says:

    I thought the significance of Libya’s oil is the quality of it.

    Refineries are built to process only one type of oil and it is not ea$y to change. Libya’s oil is “light” and “sweet”. Basically good stuff that is ea$y to refine. Refineries would have to $hut down and rebuild to proce$$ other oil at a higher co$t.

    I wonder the future of clean fuel. Most of the stuff that is ea$y to process to low sulfur is easy to get and close to europe and far from us.

    ($ because it is all about money)

  4. VennData says:

    Michele Bachmann Refuses To Admit Obama’s Intervention In Libya Wasn’t So Bad After All

    Romney “Our involvement in Libya was marked by inadequate clarity of purpose before we began the mission,”

    GOP Rep. Seeks to Cut Off Libya Funding; Obama ‘Violating the War Powers

    PAUL: Obama’s unconstitutional Libyan war

    Boehner Slams Obama on War in Libya

    Once Rick Perry seceded he will be a foreign policy, until then he doesn’t have one, except Obama is bad.

    The elites: NATO’s Strategic Incoherence Costs Libyan Lives

    And even Joe voter: 6 in 10 Americans Now Oppose Obama’s War in Libya

    Obama has shown leadership in the face of GOP media machine lies, once again. Realize what a smart, determined Commander-in-Chief we have.

  5. zzzz says:

    Now you know why NATO was involved!
    Europe had the most to loose, not us

  6. ironman says:

    Picking up dmunson’s comments – although Libya produced roughly 2% of the world’s oil (pre-uprising), it produces about 15% of the world’s supply of light, sweet crude. This is one reason why world oil prices reacted so sharply when the uprising began.

    But rather than being “far from us”, light sweet crude is to be found in Louisiana and Texas, as well as the newly tapped Bakken formation in North Dakota.

  7. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    The war in Libya is about freeing oppressed people — not oil. Right? This is America, we don’t get involved in war in order to extract the resources of poor, undeveloped nations. We’re the good guys. Just ask Jesus.

  8. franklin411 says:

    Libya freed itself. Europe got involved because they didn’t want waves of brown-skinned boat-people washing up on the EU’s shores. That help was important, but it wasn’t everything. The Libyans got their act together and prosecuted the war successfully, largely with their own equipment and entirely with their own blood.

    Mind you, I don’t condone European racism, but the fact is that Europe remains a profoundly racist society.

  9. “…That help was important, but it wasn’t everything. The Libyans got their act together and prosecuted the war successfully, largely with their own equipment and entirely with their own blood…”


    make s*** up, much?

    or, IOW, come with some cites to support that POV ..

  10. ape_girl says:

    “Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).”

    It’s just a draft, but it is cause for concern.