I haven’t seen this yet, but some people have call this a “great documentary” that explains the FINANCIAL MELTDOWN.

Part I

Parts II, III and IV after the jump

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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44 Responses to “Meltdown: Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse”

  1. HelicopterBen says:

    Barry! Just three letters! WTF is this whitewashing crap! What the heck happened? Massive fraud and abuse on EWall Street on average Joe aka the sucker!

    PS AG the too long too long biatch! What a joke!

  2. HelicopterBen says:

    Btw. Moz Watching porn and eating donuts?! WTF?!zilo be in jail as Barnie the ponzi!IMHO SEC stinks with popo and should be abolished! What do day do all the long? Who’s paying for the “job well done”? The tax payer for God’s sake! There is a limit of stupidity FGS!

  3. HelicopterBen says:

    PS Opss! Sorry for the typos! I am “reseting my brain with bottles of good French wines ” for the next week while doing due due diligence of past week news, etc….

    PS 2 Mozzilo is F BTCH! Should end up in F JAIL for years for what he has done!!!

  4. HelicopterBen says:


    Have a nice weekend Barry!

  5. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 3 DEREGULATION! WTBFI! No more glass-steagall, tearing down Chinese walls! Revolving doors, etc… WOW! What a F good idea!

  6. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 4 ISLAND BItCH! The dumb f–s!

  7. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 5 Can I puke?!

  8. HelicopterBen says:

    PS6 OMG Dubai! the sinking islands!

  9. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 7 Ohh Boy! Hank the BAZOOKA!

  10. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 8 Ohh Boy! MER the Gasparino “threats”!

  11. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 9 Nice with-wash what really happend between 05-08! It is not French fault, they are just dumb!!!

  12. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 10 Mark-to-Myth BTZ!

  13. Joe says:

    40 minutes in….

    The real problem I’m having with this piece is that this a Readers Digest/tabloid/tell-all potboiler of what regular readers of this blog have already seen from behind and underneath the scaffolding as it was going up and coming down. Not that is inaccurate, but it adds nothing to at least my understanding and in my gearhead view, teaches nothing beyond that a lot of greedy people did some bad stuff because of what they could get away with. There is so much more to really understanding this.
    And after all, how ya gonna prevent the next instance until you really understand the last one.

  14. HelicopterBen says:

    Joe ! In two years time from now, everything that happened between 05-08 was due too “unicorns sh!ting in the sky, nobody will remember anything what really occurred in that time! Sorry for the “French”!

  15. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 11 OMG! SORKIN! … is full of ……

  16. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 12 Lagarde’s entourage: “When la merde hits the fan, it comes like fighter planes: in a squadron! She was so spot on!!!!

  17. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 13 Hey! Ruthlessness is no 1 in the biz!

  18. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 13 a Aways learn from Wall Street best!

  19. HelicopterBen says:

    PS 14 Hey Gasparino the psycho! So you’re saying MER is after you! What have you been smoking lately man!

  20. HelicopterBen says:

    Ok! here comes part II! Third bottle opened! BSC TYPO BTCH!

  21. HelicopterBen says:

    when I get to part III, I think I’ll become blind!

  22. HelicopterBen says:

    105 BTCHs!

  23. HelicopterBen says:

    Dubyah BTCHs!

  24. HelicopterBen says:

    Exposure BTCHs!

  25. HelicopterBen says:

    Cassano and Hank Greenberg BTCHs!

  26. HelicopterBen says:

    The Pelosi-Bernank BTCHs!

  27. HelicopterBen says:

    Foreclosure-No insurance- California-Enron-Terminator BTCHs!

  28. HelicopterBen says:

    Barosso @Co and the rest of the Circus BTCHS!

  29. HelicopterBen says:

    Islander Suckers BTCHs!

  30. HelicopterBen says:

    PS whatever … Island-Al Qaeda (the Taliban data base)- OSS ama Bin Laden BTCHs!

  31. HelicopterBen says:

    Mercedes, minus 4k workers, minus the leverage multiplied by 1000! 08 FUBAR BTCHs!

  32. HelicopterBen says:

    322 Tien an men BTCHS.

  33. HelicopterBen says:

    PART III. Premier Grand Cru Classé B BTCHs! Calss A for part four btchs!

  34. HelicopterBen says:

    French workers fighting against thieves and lairs …. that is against Congress in WA.DC! Btchs! – the world coming to an end!

  35. HelicopterBen says:

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité, blah, blah, blah … Btchs!

  36. HelicopterBen says:

    “monkeys”, mattress and sandwiches btchs! It’s 00:14 my time. I’ll finish part III &IV tomorrow. have a nice weekend all.

    To be continued at ZH …..

    PS 15-30 What a joke BTCHs!

  37. jrm says:

    In part 1, Dick Fuld is described as “the most ruthless man in the United States”. Maybe that’s a bit over the top.

  38. boveri says:

    Is anyone thinking that Helicopter Ben may fail to find his way back to this blog?

  39. mastergpat says:

    While the show only recapped what we already know, I found it interesting to put it all into perspective.
    And someone shut up HelicopterBen and his PS’s.

  40. Greg0658 says:

    LOL boveri .. ya I can’t seem to do more than 3 without getting the “in moderation” (& seems 6 in a day)

    maybe its really him ? (knows the overide code) ? while watching the movie over the demonstrations today down on WS from his favorite chopper pad :-| Ben had to join in the fun someway :-)

  41. HelicopterBen says:

    Barry. Sorry for for the mess in the comment section. I went a “little” bit off the track yesterday. Let say, a combination of information overload , good French wines, and from what I read above inexcusable stupidity. Too be frank, I have no idea what came into me yesterday!
    Big thanks for posting the videos. A very insightful stuff, what really was going on in the economy as well politics at that time.
    Once again shame on me and I wish you, jrm, boveri, mastergpat, Greg0658 nice sunny Sunday.

    @boveri Yes, I’d like to ask Barry to delete my account. Never the less, I am erasing login as well password from my data base. That was last entry.

  42. deanscamaro says:

    The fallout of a midair collision between alchohol and the Internet. Whew!!! Thought that might be pieces of that satellite coming down!!!

  43. Darmah says:


    Glad to see your off the sauce and back on your meds ;-)

    Don’t leave dude. You may feel embarrassed, but the whole thing is a gestalt of how many of us feel.

    BTW, what wine were you drinking?

  44. Defining Quality says:

    The Trust of the Ignorant is the Liar’s most Powerful Tool!
    We are living in the age of Unreason. Arguing for one purpose and one purpose only – to win. Governments world wide are only listening to the corporate persons. Spinning observed reality to control the masses. Control fraud permeates all institutions who artfully and fraudulently use the fiction of accounting to steal from the consumer / taxpayers – who blindly and ignorantly “TRUST” a global racketeering scheme to use the people to gain personal wealth and power.
    The real job creators were the consumers – and their ability to consume has been destroyed by the greed and corruption of the government’s sponsored and unregulated – criminal activity – in the global market place. Stealing from and taxing the poor to gain power and money.
    What’s wrong could be fixed but those with the money and the power are just like Joe Six Pack – they really don’t care. The system of corruption and control fraud is working for them -why would they care?