I am not particularly bullish these days — 50/50 stocks versus cash/bonds — and while we certainly could see a bounce up towards the 1250 level on the SPX, I am not sanguine about the next 2Qs of market performance.

That said, the chart below may be a very short term, bullish indicator. As we have seen in the past, TBP traffic spikes are often accompany a substantial increase in nervousness. That can set the table for a decent bounce, but as the dates below confirm, it is typically short term in nature. More solid bottoms (i.e., 2 years versus 2 months) were more likely to be accompanied by complacency, not interest.


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Blog Traffic Reading: Complacent! (April 30th, 2009)
Blog Traffic as a Contrary Market Indicator (February 4th, 2008)
Traffic Indicates . . . (June 21st, 2008)
Traffic Peaked Again Near Short Term Bottom (July 18th, 2008)
Crazy Fannie/Freddie Traffic Spike! (September 8th, 2008)

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8 Responses to “Blog Traffic Goes (Short Term) Bullish in August”

  1. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    In the past bounces like this have typically tagged the monthly 20-EMA before reversing. That’s in the neighborhood of that 1260 SPX number your mentioned. The bounce typically takes several weeks prior to reversing.

  2. royrogers says:

    is it also possible that the increase in market volatility causes the herd, like myself to
    check in to TBP more often ??

    BR: Precisely!

  3. machinehead says:

    Yep, this stuff works. On a certain permabear blog, its record traffic was logged on the exact date of the March 2003 low.

    Similarly, during the worst of the market turmoil a couple of weeks ago, a skeptical site whose moniker begins with ‘z’ blew out their server several times.

    Site traffic counts are a close functional equivalent of bearish sentiment surveys and the VIX.

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  5. Julia Chestnut says:

    But couldn’t becoming King of All Media have created a certain amount of signal noise? You probably have expanded your base a good deal past the merely financially nervous.

    BR: peak page views were October 08

  6. stonedwino says:

    BR, that’s insane…you had almost 2.2 million visitors in August? Kudos…it’s all about the content baby. Keep up the good work. I sure as hell enjoy my daily visits. Always informative & entertaining.

  7. john05 says:

    Folks just wanted to make sure they were paying market for their weed.

  8. Bentrider-MI says:

    Remember, in August – the last month of summer here in a relatively unknown vacation paradise – I simply check you email summary and the same on the other blogs I follow, including Daily Kos, and then either go out to ride my recumbent on one of 13,000 miles of trails (the most in the nation) or if it is after I get back I do it and go to bed. So the logging into blogs, which these statistics are based on, may not be as strong a indication of the sentiment of investors.

    Similarly, I never read too much into the volatility of the markets in August – it’s the biggest vacation month and the volume is usually low, especially if we have a way to differentiate between human and computer trades. As an investor who believes in buying quality dividend paying stocks and never selling into a panicked market, instead investing for the long term I have always done very well. Now I’m moving a larger portion of my money into mutual funds since they use computer high speed trading that I cannot match. I wish the SEC would ban computer trading.