Feldstein: ‘About as Bad an Expansion as I’ve Ever Seen’
Real Time Economics, October 10, 2011

Category: Economy, Video

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5 Responses to “‘About as Bad an Expansion as I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Does Feldstein admit that right-wing economics doesn’t work? I can’t watch the video right now to find out. :-(

  2. MikeDonnelly says:

    “about as bad” ok, so which one was worse?

  3. Nuggz says:

    So you knowingly exposed yourself to machinations of AIG and yet you still want me to believe your prognostications?

    I will give him one accolade. And that being an across the board reduction in housing payments through principal reduction. Which will not happen. A reset to the new low rate for all FHA loans is more applicable.

    As far as unemployment, 8 percent is baked into the cake.

    Easy credit giveth, normal credit taketh away.

  4. Futuredome says:

    Yeah………..except that past expansions have been similiar. Heck, this one is even outpacing the previous 2.

    Why don’t you just let real growth catch up to the credit expansion ok?

  5. klhoughton says:

    MikeDonnelly: 2001, for one, if you’re looking at the private sector. (Yes, I’m posting the graphic at AB.)