My morning reads start your week :

• A Historical Perspective of Recessions and Bear Markets (TBP) see also Stocks Going By the Book (WSJ)
• Commodity Funds Adding to Bullish Bets Fueling Biggest Rally Since 2009 (Bloomberg)
• Crony Capitalism Comes Home (NYT)
• All Eurozone, All the Time:
…..-The two halves of the eurozone are locked in a broken marriage (Telegraph)
…..-Germany €55bn richer than it thought (Telegraph)
…..-China warns it cannot ‘cure’ eurozone’s debt crisis (Telegraph)
…..-German Constitutional Court Halts Special Euro Panel (Spiegel)
• Dear Ben: It’s Time for Your Volcker Moment (NYT)
• A Nation of Vidiots (Project-Syndicate)
• Why Siri Is a Google Killer (Forbes)
• Groupon IPO a Must as Cash Needs Climb (Blooomberg) see also Insolvency Looming? (White Collar Fraud)
• Ford reintroduces the 1965 Mustang (Autos Yahoo)
• A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs (NYT)

What are you reading?


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16 Responses to “10 Halloween Monday AM Reads”

  1. arbitrage789 says:

    Off topic, but of potential interest to writers of financial blogs.

    The following URL is to an article by the Centre for Economic Policy Research entitled

    “The impact of economics blogs”

  2. Futuredome says:

    Jobs was the definition of overrated. Classic flimflam man who sells and markets rather than creates. I am so sick of America being run by decadent global capital owners, you have no clue. Time for a cleansing of those weak-minded parasites.

    Nah, lets just put Ronald Reagan on Mt.Rushmore, the man that led the surge to destroy America and sell us to capital ownership.


    BR: Really ? The guy who didn’t care about money, lived in a modest home, and was a hippie anti-capitalist — THATS who you pick as a “decadent capital owner” ?


  3. Greg0658 says:

    7th unsecured creditor is CNBC with 875K (I assume $s)
    Cohan Calls Corzine’s `Blow Up’ of MF Global `Shocking’

  4. Greg0658 says:

    MF Global latest TVC ‘Safari’
    :-) :-| :-(


    “Bloomberg West” video-interview on ‘Groupon’..

    the Chart, within, of ‘Sequential Revenue Growth’ tells much, if not all, one ‘needs to know’…

    Good thing the SEC is ‘on the Job’..

  6. Rightline says:

    That picture has Corzine written all over it…

  7. Sidfinkel says:

    The Dismal Political Economist has a commentary on opinion pieces by Allan Meltzer and Steven Landsburg that appeared over the weekend in the WSJ. Meltzer argued that the current stall meant Keynesian economics was invalid, and Landsburg argued that the Estate Tax harmed poor people.

    “After all the Estate Tax was cut substantially in the first decade of the 21st Century. How did that turn out for poor people? Well great if the objective was to create more of them.”

    Here is the full post

  8. pc says:

    From “…The buzz this morning, coming from multiple sources (all of whom so far insist on being unnamed) is that the Greek “restructuring” is going to be declared a credit event and trigger the CDS…”

  9. Mike in Nola says:

    Bill Gates responding graciously to Jobs’ criticism. Also lots about helping the worldwide poor and how little it really costs us. Who will be remembered more in 50 years for the good he’s done?

  10. Mike in Nola says:

    Apple TV voice control. I’m sure whatever Apple puts out will be successful, elegant and expensive. But:

  11. Livermore Shimervore says:


    two things, 1) I’m not so sure Jobs didn’t care about money. He blocked early Apple employees from receiving stock, which had other folks scratching their heads. If money had no value to him he wouldn’t have used it as a poker chip in deciding who should or shouldn’t get the lucrative options. The 60 minutes piece went into this and I was shocked at how petty the guy could be with loyal employees.

    2) One of these foreclosure law firms made into the news for some poor choice of Halloween costumes.

  12. Livermore Shimervore says:

    The article on Siri being a Google killer really is a bit too thin on evidentiary support for my taste.
    There are some very smart dudes at Google. With LOTS of data..from err search, to email, to maps, to products like the former GOOG 411, which worked flawlessly for me. There’s also some interesting data on how 4G (nearly all Android) is consuming signficantly more data than the much slower and less data intensive 3G of the Iphone 4. I have no doubt that much of that traffic is due to folks using Google Maps on their phonese while driving. A process where they enter a mountain of consumer/shopping data into the Google data machine.

  13. ToNYC says:

    Mona Simpson tells us that Steve left like Aldous Huxley, last saying, “OH WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW”.
    No worries. Flores para los Muertos on 2 November. Yesterday went, today’s going, are you still there?

  14. glengarry says:

    To some in Georgia, immigrants are lower than prisoners:

    “Nation of Vidiots” – a bit cliche ridden. There are many minuses (and pluses) to our popular culture but unless you start w the assumption that our populous is inferior in most ways to the rest of the world, this article doesn’t follow. In most other countries, they don’t produce much TV, so many watch ours online. I think that the quality of TV has gone up dramatically over the past 15 years.

  15. econimonium says:

    Barry as in investing, don’t let your fanboyism stand in the way of fact. You bet Jobs cared about money, and I agree with Livermore states, and anyone who saw that piece should have walked away with a totally different idea of Jobs and money. Furthermore, everything “Jobs” was very, very crafted by Jobs. He micromanaged is own image as tediously as he micromanaged everyone else. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the person who CARES about money lives in a modest house and doesn’t give anything to charity. The exact opposite of your “fail” statement psychologically. Gates gives his money away and lives in a massive house…someone who really doesn’t care about spending it. Give me 12 Gates any day and leave the Steve Jobs in the ground where he is and belongs.

    My reaction to Siri is the same when all the writing was about how the Segway was going to change transportation forever (why? well Jobs said so that’s why). What happened was most humans didn’t want to do that. With Siri the question is, do most humans want to publicly talk out loud to their phones (or anything for that matter)? After the game of it all wears off, and you start doing hard stuff, is it just easier to type it? How many times during the day do you *really* need this? The answer is, not many (I generally know where I’m going before I need a phone to get me there, all I might need is directions if I’m unfamiliar and not in my GPS enabled car). So I think Siri is a Segway or Apple TV. But that’s just me.