Here is what I am reading this morning:

Good news: Wall Street’s in a bad mood (Market Watch)
• At Ports, a Sobering Omen for Holiday Sales (WSJ) see also China Export Growth Dwindles to Slowest Pace in Seven Months as Yuan Gains (Bloomberg)
Jesse Eisinger: Between the Lines, Wall St. Banks Face a Deficit of Trust (DealBook)
• Doug Kass 10 Questions:
…..-for the Bears (
…..-for the Bulls (
• ‘Buffett Rule’ May Be Broken by 25% of Millionaire Taxpayers, Study Finds (Bloomberg) see also Buffett Builds His Tax-the-Rich Case (WSJ)
• Florida AG Pam Bondi Pressured By Targets Of Investigations To Soften Approach, Critics Say (Huff Post)
• Chanos, Gross Understand Wall Street Protest Paulson Rejects (Businessweek) see also Buffett’s Son Defends Occupy Wall Street (Bloomberg)
• Romney Victory, Looks Presidential and Human (Bloomberg)
• Take Our Free Money, Please! (Slate)
• Steve Jobs leaves questions behind (Japan Times)

What are you reading?


Oh, and we’re also gonna raise your bank fees…

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11 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. jlj says:

    “They wanted to sell all of our assets and make Harrisburg destitute for decades to come.”
    DAN MILLER, Harrisburg City Controller on supporting the city council decision to file for bankruptcy under a rarely-used code for towns and cities. The Pennsylvania capital faces debts of up to $300 million

    Read more:

    Quote of the day from…..Wonder how you say it in Greek?

  2. blackjaquekerouac says:

    “default” in Greek is called “Socrates”…also known as “the Socratic Method.” It spawned other terms such as Platonic and Aristotelean. It also goes by the English phrase “rueing the day.” Insofar as the bankers are no backing down…the bankers are not backing down. And Europe is not suffering from the problem of contagion but the problem of “conflaguration.” If you don’t put out the fire “over there” then you end up having “a fire over here.” To understand why this is happening i want to show to my European friends this secretive video of your Fire Marshal who currently is in charge of “codes enforecement for the European Union.”:

  3. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    Yes, many (including prominent CIA alum Bob Baer) have been scratching their heads over the notion that the Iranian Quds could be behind the apparently reckless plot announced this week. But, that presumes that is the only possible channel Iran might use for such ‘wet’ work would be Quds. It also discounts the possibility that when people, who may typically be careful, become desperate or overly frustrated, become a wee bit sloppy.


    As always, one must also keep in mind that there are always more than two or three squares on the board (e.g., what’s cookin’ in Cairo?)

  4. bear_in_mind says:

    I don’t think I saw a link to this here… could assist in analyzing the UE and employment picture:

    The 1 Job Statistic No One Is Paying Attention To
    By Robert Holmes

    “They’re just counting jobs, they’re not counting people,” (J.T.) Smith adds. “It’s telling me that the establishment survey is picking up these second jobs and is counting them twice.”

  5. AHodge says:

    soros as usual seeing more clearly
    on euro crisis this time
    from his site and the FT this AM the money quotes

    The banking system needs to be guaranteed first and recapitalised later. ….It will cost the governments much less to recapitalise the banks after the crisis has abated
    (A euroland) guarantee … is credible because they have the power to tax. It will take a new legally-binding agreement for the Eurozone . In the meantime, they can call upon the European Central Bank, guaranteed by the member states .
    In exchange for a guarantee, the major (banks) ….abide by the instructions of the ECB. This is a radical step but necessary , the central bank has sufficient powers of persuasion. It could close its discount window to, and the governments could seize, the banks that refuse to co-operate.
    Banks (are instructed) to maintain their credit lines and loan portfolios while strictly monitoring the risks they take for their own account
    The other driving force – the lack of financing for sovereign debt – could be dealt with by the ECB lowering its discount rate and encouraging countries in difficulties to issue treasury bills and prompting the banks to subscribe. The bills could be sold to the central bank,….. governments could meet their financing needs within agreed limits at very low cost during this emergency period, yet article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty would not be violated. I owe this idea to Tomasso Padoa Scioppa.
    These measures would be sufficient to calm markets and bring the acute phase of the crisis to an end. The recapitalisation of the banks should wait until then. Only the holes created by restructuring the Greek debt would have to be filled immediately……Only in case of need would the EFSF be involved. This would preserve the firepower of the fund.

  6. bear_in_mind says:

    The 1 Job Statistic No One Is Paying Attention To
    By Robert Holmes
    October 7, 2011

    “They’re just counting jobs, they’re not counting people,” Smith adds. “It’s telling me that the establishment survey is picking up these second jobs and is counting them twice.”

  7. Arequipa01 says:

    RE Iran and Quds and the whole plot.

    So the Iranians were going to use talent associated with Los Zetas? Ha. Alumni from the School of the Americas? How dumb do you have to be to believe this tripe?

  8. formerlawyer says:

    Google is investigated by the IRS:

    Charles Darwin as Economist – it is the relative individual performance that matters?

    Milton Friedman’s Magical Thinking – interventionist economies win?

  9. wmallon says:

    Jefferson County Dems May Derail Debt Deal

    This is a case of interest rate swaps, bribery, and fraud. Govt+Wall St. Collusion to rip off taxpayers. Sounds kind of familiar.