These are the most interesting items I came across today:

Farell: A new Lost Decade is leading to revolution (Marketwatch) see also On Wall Street, a Protest Matures (Deal Book)
Pomboy: Straight talk from a market contrarian (Fortune)
Nocera: Why the US (like China) Must Commercialize Energy Technologies (NYT) see also A Waste Of Energy? (New Yorker)
Bruce Bartlett: Misrepresentations, Regulations and Jobs (Economix)
• A ‘Robin Hood’ tax is no way to redistribute (Tim Harford) see also A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (Epicurean Dealmaker)
Walker Todd: Obama’s Lost Opportunities (Institutional Risk Analytics)
• The Roller Coaster Ride Continues for Madoff Investors (Deal Book)
• Google Joins Apple in Push for Tax Holiday (Bloomberg)
• Drunken parrot season begins in Darwin (Australian Geographic)

What are you reading?

Traders on the Long Side forget to hedge their positions . . .

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14 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. NoKidding says:

    A ‘Robin Hood’ tax is no way to redistribute

    Especially when its an income tax. Income tax hurts the real rich (Morgans Rockerfellers and Rothschildren and others living off the interest) much less than the recently prosperous (people who often earned it themselves, not by tapping their grandparents).

  2. lunartop says:

    “What if academics were as dumb as quacks with statistics?”

  3. machinehead says:

    The cartoon has a 2nd, equally probably interpretation:

    It’s two dinosaur shorts who missed the exact intraday bottom an hour ago.

  4. Orange14 says:

    Then there is this one from the WaPo on executive compensation: Truly shocking but of course this is the “gilded era” that we now live in.

  5. alnval says:

    I’m wondering what Robert Shiller’s wife is telling him about the meaning of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

  6. NoKidding says:

    Thanks formerlawyer, thats just what I was thinking.

    Far more people have 1 million in assets than have 1 million in income.
    Taxing the income earners before they get a chance to coast for a while, but leaving the asset skimmers unmolested while they wait for the political winds to shift back in their favor, seems cruel.

  7. BusSchDean says:

    Oops..DealBook link actually links to Economix.

  8. mathman says:

    Here’s a short talk you may want to listen to:

  9. DeDude says:

    Now here is an idea for reducing the budget deficit. Get the social cost of a product covered by taxing it.,0,2603132.story

  10. Bruman says:

    Awesome cartoon!

    Now to remove the tea from my keyboard… ;-)

  11. Frwip says:


    The Tobin tax is meant to gum up the works of the casino where the f***ers play with our economies and always win, not to bleed the rich in general.

    Still, I agree with your point. New taxes should be designed to bleed the class that created and profited from the current mess, not newcomers. Retroactive taxes on past top incomes, say, from 1995 to 2009m, or simpler, a wealth tax.

  12. LOL – the cartoon you posted here is great! :-)