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3 Responses to “MC Moneypenney – Tap Dat A$$et (NSFW)”

  1. digistar says:

    Very good. Music and video grab you in a way that talk and printed words can’t. Hope it goes viral.

    Style comment. The demographic that likes/understands hip hop will probably get this. We also need versions for other demographics (pop, country, blues, jazz, rock, classical, etc.).

  2. Omnivore says:

    This was uploaded 10 days ago and only 2700(ish) views. That’s sad because this is a very smart piece of work. I rant to family, friends, colleagues–all smart, educated folks–and it is hard to keep their attention must less spur some indignation over accounting control fraud, HFT, unregulated derivatives, mark to model, etc. It’s so much easier to get mad at immigrants and “socialists”.

  3. Outstanding! I love it. Right on! Thanks.

    Here’s a couple of videos in a similar vein by a girl known as B-Jules: