Pretty cool opportunity to break bread with famed strategist Felix Zulauf:


Click to bid on Ebay for lunch with Felix Zaulauf


The Big Picture Interview: Felix Zulauf (August 2nd, 2010)


Category: Investing, Markets

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8 Responses to “Take a Strategist to Lunch: Felix Zulauf”

  1. jaymaster says:

    Gee, showing your hand a bit on the bid?

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    A nice plug. But for those of us a 1,000 miles away or more (assuming Felix is in NYC)?

  3. Rightline says:

    Hey, if i win maybe he will give me a job, provided we dine at the (Warren) Buffett…

  4. ajaymattoo says:

    Hi BR,
    There was not any other interview other than with Felix . I was expecting that interview can be mroe of regular affair for the big picture blog and can be put under seperate heading just like weekends,videos etc.

    Congrulations for being close to having a dinner with Felix.


  5. Clem Stone says:

    Unfriendly people might see this and bump your tab up another $200.

  6. destor23 says:

    Ebay is trying to convince you to bid against yourself?

  7. louis says:

    How much does it cost for lunch with BR?

  8. machinehead says:

    Yeah, well, I enjoy talking shop as much as anyone.

    But where is the ‘take a hooker to lunch’ page on Ebay??