Winning (had the most people join): Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Apple

Nothing too surprising – these are companies who are killing it. Google, Microsoft and Apple are massive companies who need to hire, LinkedIn just filed for an IPO, and Facebook just had a movie made about them! Now let’s look at who wasn’t as fortunate: 

Losing (had the most people leave): Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, eBay, and Amazon

Well, you’d expect these large companies to lose a lot of employees. But what gives? Google and Microsoft can’t be both winning and losing! We wanted to see what was underneath, so the next question we asked was: how many people did each company hire for each person they lost? This is where it gets interesting: 

Winners: Twitter (10.9), Facebook (8.1), Zynga (8.0), LinkedIn (7.5), Groupon (3.9)

Now that’s more like it – the IPO starting lineup. Twitter amazingly has hired almost 11 people for every person who’s left. Talk about re-spawn!

And those who didn’t make out so well: Intuit (1.2), Google (1.2), eBay (0.8), Microsoft (0.4), Yahoo! (0.3)

The Biggest Talent Losers (and Winners)
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One Response to “The Biggest Talent Losers (and Winners)”

  1. Long term says:

    What an ingenious way to put data behind which company is cold and which is hot. Really nice way to illustrate volatility. 2 observations: 1) google is surprisingly ‘low’ here 2) apple is the oldest company to be doing SO well