The young and old of the Occupy Wall Street protesters on who they are, what they hope to accomplish and why they’ve come to Zuccotti Park.

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5 Responses to “Wall Street Protesters Speak”

  1. vader says:

    Revolutions start when folks gather and see that other folks have the same opinions.

  2. Molesworth says:

    In the 60s, kids protested wars they were sent to fight that they thought were wrong. But there was a draft.
    Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought by a volunteer army, so the kids haven’t paid that much attention.
    But now, the kids are seeing that their parents lives and life savings have been ruined by the vampire squids and more importantly, that they won’t be able to get the jobs and build the life they thought they’d have.
    Maybe we’ll have some proper protests again. Maybe we’ll get the change we were hoping for.

  3. number2son says:

    It’s a start and the NYT gets credit for giving this front page attention. But once again, the established press is following the lead of Jon Stewart, courtesy of OWS chief publicist Tony Baloney.

    RT has also been covering the story ahead of most others:

    The link includes a ~7 min clip of the NYPD making arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. The cops are more disciplined now. At least as far as pepper spraying peaceful protesters goes. On Saturday they shepherded the marchers onto the bridge and then arrested 700 for blocking the bridge. WTF? Freedom in action indeed.

    You have to wonder how many of those copy are thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this shit.”

    Oh, and the best the increasingly lame NewsHour can do is a passing mention on one of its measly webisodes? Sad. Better to have daily coverage of the brain-numbing triviality of the Republican primary battle, right Mr. Lehrer?

  4. number2son says:

    Aw, just when I thought the NYT was doing the right thing ….

    NY Time changes story on Brooklyn Bridge arrests

  5. Greg0658 says:

    hum … well NYC will be getting some fund inflow I see – ie fines & consumption of things (unless the Occupy WallStreeters are importing their own survival gear – like a real army should/would) .. sorry all – I was working my life away/thru and alas missing TBP until I had the time to ThinkTank here @TBP .. I’m sorry