Doh! Left the iPad at home today — so here is your (but not my) train reading:

• Soros Fund All in the Family (WSJ)
• Top Income in U.S. Is…Gasp!…Wash. D.C. Area (Bloomberg)
• How Bill Gates is betting on inflation (Market Watch)
• John Malone Now Biggest Landowner in the U.S. (WSJ)
• The Next Big Bank Bailout (Matt Taibbi)
• Citigroup to Pay $285 Million to Settle SEC Charges for Misleading Investors About CDO Tied to Housing Market (SEC)
• The Genetics of Happiness (Slashdot)
• Does impatience make us fat? (Washington Post)
• Against the Gods: Steve Jobs and “Risk” (Michael Covel)
• iCloud Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think: It’s the Future of Computing (Gizmodo)

What are you reading?



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16 Responses to “Wednesday PM Reads”

  1. Frwip says:

    Re : How Bill Gates is betting on inflation

    No reason given why WIA and WIW are trading at 89 cents on the dollar rather than the usual 95 cents.

    Has anyone a clue ?

  2. Jim Greeen says:

    i.e.:Citigroup to Pay $285 Million to Settle SEC Charges for Misleading Investors About CDO Tied to Housing Market (SEC)

    Rip’em off to the tune of a $B, pay a 28.5% penalty fee and move on to the next greater fool. Tell me why it’s not a great country?????

  3. rww says:

    Re: John Malone

    The entire country is only 2.2 billion acres. So a thousand wealthy can own the whole thing. Real wealth, in the end, will be measured in acres.

  4. rktbrkr says:

    If the banks are the big winners with a paltry 20B settlement (bailout) who are the big losers? Sounds like a lot of state and local retirement funds, just wondering if these huge losses are reflected yet in those funds or are they marked to fantasy like the associated mortgages? I’m sure most of these state & local pensions are defined benefit plans so state taxpayers will be forced to make up the shortfall of already underfunded S&L pensions.

    We just can’t do enough for these crooks in pinstripes.

    These banks will be destroyed by mortgage walkaways regardless if there’s another big leg down in RE prices – which is looking likely

  5. Futuredome says:

    I have been waiting for the “next leg down” in home prices for 18 months now. Enough.

    Fwiw, looks like the US economy is speeding up again. Where is my recession people?


    BR: Housing is down 5.5% the past 12 months. Thats after a 35% drop and a dead cat tax credit induced bounce

  6. DrungoHazewood says:

    My family has a history of depression so the link on genetic happiness caught my eye. It seems to be a problem on my mother’s side, but they were also very successful studio photographers. They did stills for celebrities that visited Kansas City pre 1950 ie The Marx Brothers. The studio was sold long ago, but is still in business. The maternal side also had a famous weird criminal Nelson DeCloud. Anyway I saw this on Nova and hope someone finds it as fascinating as I do

  7. Bill Gates: how he invests .004% of his money and we turn an ad into an “article”.

  8. EdDunkle says:

    I spent .004% of my money on lunch today. (I think my alleles are all messed up.)

  9. VennData says:

    Ballmer slams Android as ‘cheap,’ doomed’

    Wow, I’m not going to buy and Android anything, now that IT consumer products hero Steve Ballmer say’s it’s “cheap” and you have to be a Computer Scientist to use it. What else should I be doing to anticipate the future you far-sighted, noble thought leader?

    Who runs Microsoft’s PR? Do they have any idea who much the company, Gates, and Ballmer are despised? Is Ballmer showing a little scientist-envy here? Has he seen the regular folks around the world that use Android?

    Hey Ballmer, make an original, quality product, that works. Then we’ll talk.

  10. wunsacon says:

    The first few iCloud blog page comments are a hoot.

  11. pc says:

    Rueters article on US pay data –

    “…There were fewer jobs and they paid less last year, except at the very top where, the number of people making more than $1 million increased by 20 percent over 2009. The median paycheck — half made more, half less — fell again in 2010, down 1.2 percent to $26,364. That works out to $507 a week, the lowest level, after adjusting for inflation, since 1999…More significantly, the number of people with any work has fallen by 5.2 million since 2007, when the worst recession since the Great Depression began, with a massive taxpayer bailout of Wall Street following in late 2008.
    This means 3.3 percent of people who had a job in 2007, or one in every 33, went all of 2010 without earning a dollar…”

  12. mathman says:

    Yeah, and while we’re being distracted over here with Occupy everything:

    and while we’re at it, don’t try reading the Constitution to TSA or you’ll get arrested:

    man, this country is so messed up – it’s bound to collapse.

  13. VennData says:

    Qaddafi is dead

    Lesson to Ron Paul, Michele Bachman, the GOP slate including Darrell Issa and the other Obama haters. you were wrong, again. Oh, Obama also got Osama for you too.

    You peevish CRA-believing, “job-creator”-whoring, shmucks can’t celebrate these defeats of our sworn enemies… you’re emotionally controlled by the GOP media machine. Advertising works on you.

  14. pintelho says:

    Seems to me that this whole bit about the MERS corruption and AG payoff thing is the topic that is most likely to accomplish all the goals of the Occupy movement.

    it will make losers out of the formerly bailed out socialists…i mean bankers

    it will restore justice where it has been lost….

    it will restore trust in politicians that (at least some of them) cannot be bought and paid for.

    The Occupy Movement would be wise to take this story and use their human microphone to amplify it so that the main stream media will catch onto it.

    We The People are getting screwed one more time with this MERS and attempted settlement with the AGs…

    This is likely the last chance to bring true justice to the wankers who have been given a free ride.

  15. Al_Czervik says:


    As I read that article, I wondered why the supposedly sophisticated managers of the pension funds in question even bought that stuff in the first place. I’m not a big fan of the people who created and rated the junk, but something was missing in the due-diligence department.