Here’s another look at last week’s graphic:

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6 Responses to “Why Startups Fail”

  1. Through the Looking Glass says:

    Heres an easier one to understand:

    Start a construction company this century
    Wall Steet destroys all hope for its longevity and any relative jobs.
    Crushed like bugs on Wall St sidewalks.

  2. streeteye says:

    ah… the trough of sorrow, the wiggles of false hope, the crash of ineptitude

    not always that easy to keep all those in sync … especially the customers LOL

  3. Dale says:

    Large market and a good product. Much easier selling what people want. Timing is important and competition. Then capital reserve for whatever bumps in the road you may hit. Putting in the effort 7/24 12-15 hour days for however long it takes. I did this with my start up and just sold. You have to believe in yourself. Let the dogs bark.
    You may have the answers. This is not gambling. It’s like planting a garden. If it is what you want, do it.

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  5. from what I see, it isn’t Explicit..

    “What kind of ‘Start-up’ is being referenced?”

    IT-based (?) (#1.a.)

  6. Dale says:

    I was in food distribution. I have also helped build a successful health care business. People to people heavy contact. When you lose contact with the public I have seen 20% drop in sales right off. The hint is basic needs like food, and health. The article is really correct. The trick is to be at the right place at the right time. Yes, and sometimes move on. Sometimes you have to let go. Like the market buy low and sell high.