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7 Responses to “World’s Greatest Drag Race”

  1. Greg0658 says:

    that was fun fluff .. I did alittle bit of work to add:
    1/4Mile top to bottom 121.8mph to 109.9 = 11.9mph
    $105K to $91K = $14K
    Nissan to Lotus
    = less than a grand per mph

  2. contrabandista13 says:

    I’m not surprised that Nissan did so well (they have been working very hard on the track), however, I’m very surprised that the Chevy did so poorly, the Corvette is a beast off the line and they should have at least placed, even with a bad driver…..

  3. Greg0658 says:

    sorry – spoiler alert in isle4

    really it boils down to “location location location” and what the other wolves are driving .. because the bottom line with a ride like those = # of X laid

  4. wunsacon says:

    Now I know which car to buy for my commute on the LIE.

  5. born49 says:

    I have a 1968 Corvette with a 427 that will kick ass on the one in this race, some of the others ones should have kicked ass as well. This makes me think, who paided for this?

  6. Marc P says:

    And a $15,000 showroom stock motorcycle would easily beat the winner by 150 feet.

  7. ben22 says:

    looked like the benz started out toward the back but ended up better, but I might be wrong about that, and the 1 series beat the lotus, how bout that….cool video