Late to the office due to some chores that had to be dealt with. Here is what I was reading on the way in:

Wolf: Europe must not allow Rome to burn ( see also European financial crisis: A growing gap between France and Germany (Washington Post)
• China’s Home Price Slide Has Analysts Betting on Government Policy Change (Bloomberg)
• Reform Adds More Twists to a Convoluted Derivatives World (DealBook)
• How Inequality Hurts the Economy (Businessweek)
• Could Every Day Be Black Friday? (NYT)
• With MF Global Money Still Missing, Suspicions Grow (DealBook) see also Volcker Rule Is Irrelevant to MF Global Collapse (Bloomberg)
• Nevada Attorney General Masto Files 606 Count Criminal Indictment Against Two Title Officers (Naked Capitalism)
• Wells Fargo Says 80 May Be the New 65 for Retirees (Bloomberg)
• The road ahead for HuffPo: 9 monthslater, ‘Capital-J Journalism’ is still a work in progress (Capital NY)
• Google Music Store Chases Apple’s ITunes 8 Years Too Late: Tech (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

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18 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. DasKapitalist says:

    Are you a speed reader or do you scan/skim all these? Impressive either way.

  2. esc_in_ks says:

    From the Bloomberg article about 80 may be the new 65:

    “Those surveyed expect to withdraw about 18 percent on average from their savings each year in retirement. ”

    Wow, that’s just… Wow. Completely shocking. Basic mathematics fails the population once again.

  3. dougc says:

    Zero hedge..Are aliens buying…. in 2010 the world exported 388$ billion more than it imported… Cast doubt upon whether exports can solve our current account deficit.

  4. beaufou says:

    I am more and more irritated when I read Italy is bankrupt, that’s an absolute crock of shit.
    Greece is insolvent, Italy has a liquidity issue. Instead of organizing a bailout of the banks through the ECB; because that’s what it’s about; let members of the Eurozone have their own currency and the ability to print and lend to the State at 0%, no public offers.
    Nationalize insolvent banks and restructure their debts, let the vultures take a loss.

  5. TacomaHighlands says:

    @lunartop – excellent link. Thank you.

  6. Taliesyn says:

    Cog DisWatch:
    International Business Times

    Newt Gingrich 2012: Where Does He Stand on the Issues?”

    BTW: IBT is already listed in this morning’s Google search of Ritholtz articles …
    …under “Awesome Article” and has repritned it to the IBT audience in full.
    Way to go Barry, your ” Corporate Monarchy” piece just some got more legs.

  7. mathman says:

    Let’s start with this from the Defense Department:

    Heard some of this on the way in to work:
    Are Machines Taking Over…the Workplace?
    Where these two MIT guys discuss their new book:
    “ERIK BRYNJOLFSSON and ANDREW MCAFEE have written a new ebook on the topic, Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy. ”

    Occupy keeps up the action in NY – YAY!

  8. bm says:

    A little off topic……

    Barry would it be possible to create a tab, similar to think tank, video etc, where you could put your daily readings into? Most times I am unable to get to them all and it would be helpful to find them all in one spot instead of having to click through previous posts. Just a thought. Thanks.

  9. Taliesyn says:

    streeteye Says:

    “Central banks don’t like each others’ dogfood, buy gold”

    Well I s’pose they’ll be better Gold price opportunities as EuroBanks and other institutional holders of gold reserves will be forced to liquidate some holdings in order to cover whatever other debt exposure goes nuclear.
    Watching the national debt clock ( having crossed the $15 trillion mark earlier this morning and well on it’s way to eclipsing the GDP before end of business day today ) the “just print dollars/euros” frenzy has no natural predators left. The lion-share of western world economies is in serious debt and following our Greenspan/Bernanke lead of inflating our way out of this economic crisis part Deux with the now fracturing Euro-zone to follow Gold can not help but remain the esoteric tangible it has been historically.
    So any price dip just means some large entity or concert of entity shaving to cover their debt by selling their holdings in gold.

  10. pc says:

    Question: What would happen if Germany decided to leave the euro but stay in the EU like the UK? Seems like an easier/better solution than kicking out the PIIGS. Just some crazy out of the box thinking…

  11. beaufou says:

    All countries could have their own currency and use the Euro as an index, just like the defunct ECU:

    Maybe adding some commodities in the basket; the Bancor was a better choice in 1944, including for the US, bankers didn’t want it.

  12. Arequipa01 says:

    I am currently reading:

    A report in gas fracking and the industry’s employment claims (guess what, some pesky data say the corporate white teeths are a-lying like dawgs, sakes alive, gih dya evah hyah of such thang?)

  13. Arequipa01 says:

    @lunartop etc re Charles Hugh Smith.

    The step that precedes a ‘true’ revolution (from the pov of some historians) is a serious split in the ruling class. France, Mexico, Russia…

  14. Takeyourfinger says:

    Regarding the WFC “80 is the new 65″ – “living within your means” is never enough. You have to live way below your means or you can never expect to retire.

  15. DeDude says:

    I guess we need to build bigger jails so we can house those corporate persons who do drunk driving.