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10 Responses to “9 Things You Didn’t Know About Amazon”

  1. crunched says:

    Why did all these tech guys start their businesses in the garage? Sounds fishy. I’m starting to wonder if any of these guys were ever in the garage at all.

  2. SkepticalOx says:

    It’s not just tech guys. It’s all about space. My father was/is a serial entrepreneur, and I distinctly remember two of his ventures (solar panels in Cali) and dyes were started in the garage (sometimes expanded to the basement).

    It’s cheap (because you don’t need to rent out space), and it’s relatively empty, and it’s close to where you live!

  3. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    E-books should be a whole lot cheaper than physical books. Until they are, I’m not likely to want a Kindle. And when I do, I’m more likely to want something more like an iPad, rather than have a separate device to carry around just to do some things.

  4. jib10 says:

    Actually Bezo’s started Amazon in a rental house. It was cheaper to rent a house than office space. They used the garage for shipping. I have not been by the house in a long time but at least 10 years ago the extra large mailbox Bezo’s installed to handle the extra mail he got was still installed there.

    I know some of the angel investors for Amazon (sadly I meet them after they invested in Amazon). They would go and help pack boxes of books to fill orders at Christmas time. One of them calls himself ‘Amazon’s first Industrial Engineer’. One day he said ‘Jeff. this would go much faster if we did it on tables instead of the floor’. Jeff looked at him and said ‘Your right’ and immediately went out a bought a couple of folding tables. It really was that small in the beginning.

  5. dadidoc1 says:

    With revenues that large, it is no wonder our state and local economies are suffering from declining sales tax revenues. Jeff Bezos has no intention of losing his “sales tax free” competitive advantage over the bricks-and-mortars crowd. That’s the American Way. Right?

  6. mattj329 says:

    @dadidoc1 ” losing his “sales tax free” competitive advantage over the bricks-and-mortars crowd”

    While I’m sure he loves it, the fact of the matter is it has to and will change given the huge shift taking place with eCommerce. AMZN is against individual states determining the tax law. They are supportive of a federal, all-encompassing law leveling the playing field for all players.

  7. econimonium says:

    I love people that say until blah blah blah *I* won’t buy x. Who cares really? This infographic pretty much proves you’re a distant minority. Personally most people (as per the stats) don’t really think that e-books are overpriced. So why change it? Remember, that’s the market working right?

    I got my fire in the first batch out over a week ago and, frankly, it’s totally rocking what I want it for. Some people are under the “it’s not an iPad” spell. See my paragraph above. Not everyone wants or needs an iPad. I have no use for one, frankly, which is why I have an iPhone and not an iPad. In fact, I’m wagering that most people really have no use for an iPad and now we’ll find out what people really want: a device that is simply there to enjoy reading, music, games, reading web sites and blogs, and video privately or a device where you can do that and sort of more. I haven’t figured out the “sort of more” yet for the iPad which is, again, why I don’t have one. I’m not going to do a 30 page presentation on one, do 2012 financials, write anything more than an email with a touch screen keyboard, do any programming, or the myriad of other things I do in the general course of the day.

    Although I have set up my email, chat clients, and installed a bunch of kinda work apps on my Fire, I’m hoping to use them sparingly and use the device selfishly. I’m willing to bet more people are like me than not. If so, you might want to think about the price of Apple stock. Just sayin…..

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  9. victor says:

    I wonder if the Government of Brazil ever thought of suing Bezos over the name of the river that defines Brazil in more than one way.

    Interestingly, Jeff Bazos was brought up by his Mom Jackie (Mexican American) and his stepfather Miguel Bazos, a Cuban immigrant. His mother had divorced Jeff’s paternal father when he was only one year old and remarried when he was five. I see some parallels with Steve Jobs (stepfathers and melting pot of recent origin) besides the garage theme and the phenomenal success.