Fact or Fiction: Is the Consumer Back?
Stacy Curtin
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4 Responses to “Fact or Fiction: Is the Consumer Back?”

  1. uzer says:

    Best in ten years??? Go ahead, pull my other leg.

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  3. bear_in_mind says:

    Dear Mr. Macke:

    I used to respect your opinions (even some of the frothing-mouthed ones), but this is pretty clear evidence that you’ve become another sell-side hack. OF COURSE, retailers are selling their book! As an analyst, you’re supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff… not merely mouth their talking-points. And to play as if Macy’s CEO ‘fudging’ an unpredictable sales number would result in him being sacked. What a joke. For chrissakes, save your “Fast Money” schtick for the barstool and get a grip on reality.


  4. oulous says:


    In my opinion Rebecca Black Friday and do you want to Cyber Monday are religious arguments and totally pointless. It is a strange time in which the ultra dimensional goo in Americans minds comes unglued and people go mad with frenzy. The stores engineer this beautifully in order to get people to want a limited number of items they can’t possibly have due to the swelling crowds. This helps remove the safety catch of buyers remorse so people will end up buying tea towels and picnic baskets because they couldn’t get the x-box or 20gb USB stick for half price.

    To try and quantify these days with numbers that suggest a healing in the unwashed consumer hordes is never going to have a satisfying conclusion.

    For a proper calculation of consumer health in my opinion you need to cut these days out and look at median spending the rest of the year. This will tell you whats happening.