Mashwork Black Friday Infographic


Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter
Tom Cheredar
Venture Beat November 24, 2011

Category: Consumer Spending, Digital Media

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12 Responses to “Mapping Black Friday via Twitter”

  1. Soto says:

    The map provides no real information. The five states shown are the five most populous states ( so the number of tweets just reflect population. I wonder what the map would say if they normalized by total state population.

  2. miamiocean says:

    Really 212 million individuals ? Are they counting people who went grocery shopping ? I do not have one friend or family member who took part in the Black Friday sales craziness. Frankly, I looked at the prices of the best “door buster” deals and was singularly unimpressed with the lowest advertised prices.

    According to Wikipedia, the 2009 U.S. population over 20 years old was about 226 million. The figure quoted from the National Retail Federation above implies that only about 14 million adults 20 and older stayed home and didn’t shop Black Friday sales. That sounds wrong to me. Given the ongoing high unemployment and household financial stress I would be very surprised, and disappointed, if that figure was not an exaggeration.

  3. Nuggz says:

    All I can say is that the stores were packed.

    And the higher-end stores i.e. Chanel, LV, Ferragamo had a lot of traffic.

  4. zcwotun says:

    snarky newsflash: the demographics of stereotypical twitter users (young/15-25, lower than average income [cuz they're young], etc) are pretty much the fartherest possible away from the Kindle Fire’s target demo (affluent, college+ educated, middle-aged+, etc).

  5. EIB says:

    The prime NY mall I went to was vacant. Looked like a Tuesday

  6. James Cameron says:

    For what it’s worth, the Galaxy Nexus is not yet available in the US other than through pre-order (which is not exactly a Black Friday deal).

  7. Dr. Goose says:

    When consumers queued up in a quorum,
    To do as investors implore ‘em,
    They bought quite a bit
    Of Holiday sh*t,
    And forgot all their debts and decorum.

  8. Pantmaker says:

    Got the Kindle Fire delivered right before we left town for Thanksgiving. It is a sweet little piece of hardware. Does just what it says… no more no less…couldn’t be happier with it. Solid performer.

  9. ottnott says:

    Lack of an internet connection is the only reason to shop at Best Buy.

  10. Grego says:

    In other news, the wayback machine says polls indicate Al Landon will beat Roosevelt.

  11. Kom says:

    Barry, stop peddling this twitter infographic meaningless gibberish