It must be something in the water: Interesting image regarding the locus of turmoil, being in countries that are on the Mediterranean Sea:


click for ginormous map

Hat tip Jason

(anyone recognize this? What is the original source?)

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21 Responses to “Mediterranean Sea is the Locus of Trouble”

  1. stonedwino says:

    History does repeat itself…The Mediterranean was the birthplace of modern day culture, politics, mathematics, astrology, cuisine, wine making, personal freedom and the Renaissance. Here we are centuries and millenia later and the Mediterranean is yet again at the helm when it comes to change that will affect us all.

  2. rtl99 says:

    Wow, that in amazing!

    Would never have thought to see it in “the bigger picture” : )))


  3. arogersb says:

    I am glad you posted this. As you can see from the inequality ranking in the Gini Index (, all these countries (except Lybia) are in the top half of the more equal countries in the world. And I am not counting Belgium, Iceland, France and many others who had their PMs removed and/or their opwn version of social unrest.

    This should finally put an end to the widespread myth that income equality buys social peace.

  4. jaymaster says:

    I blame cheap local wine.

  5. mark says:

    With French spreads at 150 it’s time to add another bonfire to the party.

  6. CHB says:

    Doesn’t change the argument, but really… Portugal isn’t on the Med. Nor is Ireland (missed that one, did he?)

  7. NoKidding says:

    Um, no little “hot zone” for political unrest in Iraq, Afganistan, Mali, Niger or Sudan?

    I think there’s a little data filtering going on there.

  8. NoKidding says:

    The Mediterranean was not the birthplace of the industrial revolution, explosives, electronics, telecommunications, railroads, modern medicine, atomic energy, refrigeration…

  9. Dylan says:

    Remember the biblical story of Noah and the great flood? The story is based a natural occurrence caused by tectonic fault lines that run underneath the Mediterranean. An article in Nature estimates a major Tsunami incident in the Med, may occur approximately. Every 800 years (last incidence just below Crete AD 365).

    I do believe there is a link between geography and the kind of behavioural characteristics that get favoured throughout the process of living and dying.

  10. jaymaster says:

    I messed around with google’s new image search function. You drag and drop the image into the search box, and google magically finds similar images all across the interwebs.

    It found many images with similar colors, but it didn’t find another use of this image.

  11. Finster says:

    @Dylan: There also is a theory that the great flood was actually the breaking of the Dardanelles and flooding of the depression that is now the Black Sea.

    Otherwise that soft whistling coming up from the Mediterranean are the Winds of Change (soon at gale force).

  12. dead hobo says:

    Dylan Says:
    November 9th, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I do believe there is a link between geography and the kind of behavioural characteristics that get favoured throughout the process of living and dying.

    Of course. These countries all have favorable climates, more or less, which promotes a more laid back attitude than urban countries. The people here can live decent lives, politics permitting, without the need to raise capital for urbanization and all that accompanies it. However, to get along in the world, there is a call to action for those who want a more modern and competitive lifestyle. The more urbanized neighbors want them to be a part of their world for various reasons. A sizable part of the locals say ‘piss off, Europe. We just want to chill.” This is the conflict.

  13. martin66 says:

    Not likely. Just data mining of what our own particular headlines are focused on. Plenty of crises elsewhere to go around.

  14. JohnMajor says:

    @NoKidding : do you mean that Marconi (wireless), Volta (battery), the Venice Arsenal (invention of the first modern factory processes), Marie Curie (nuclear medicine), Pasteur (vaccination, pasteurisation), Damini (clooning)… are NOT the founders of modern technology ?

    Even the highway (Autostrada) like you know it now, is a “recent” invention from Southern Europe.

    But probably you are referring to the microprocessor and CPU build by the American company Intel. The project leader is true legend : Federico Faggin an Italian (“oh no”) born engineer who recently receive medal of innovation by Obama.

    Please inform yourself before posting.

  15. MorticiaA says:

    This seems too much like some sort of Biblical prophecy thing. I try to avoid those as best I can.

    I prefer jaymaster’s cheap local wine explanation.

  16. mathman says:

    Why isn’t there any flame icon by Israel (home of one of the longest running conflicts in the 20th century & still not settled) or Syria?

    This reminds me of the volcanic “ring of fire” (which has also been “acting up” lately).

  17. 873450 says:


    Systems Failure (but not limited to Mediterranean) – Governments’ negligent, reckless and/or criminal mismanagement of national economies and resources until they are overthrown via peaceful or violent revolution … all accelerated by tremendous advances in communication technology, primarily the Internet, increasingly limiting government control of information reaching 99%.


    Somehow there must be a way to blame all this on Barack Obama, Barney Frank or school teachers in New Jersey.

  18. slowkarma says:

    Made me laugh.

    Now, make a map on wars, those involving Muslims on one or both sides, and those not involving Muslims on either side.

  19. gms777 says:

    Map leaves out Syria.

  20. philipat says:


    Yes, I had noticed that also. It wouldn’t be a stretch either to include Lebanon and Israel, thereby completing the “Mediterranean Ring of Fire”? (Club Med for short)

  21. wunsacon says:

    This map is absurdly selective, as NoKidding points out at 8:42am.

    - Haven’t some of the Balkans had some bank crises and government turmoil in the past 2 years? Is that all resolved or are we just not hearing as much about it lately?
    - Aren’t the police in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Syria shooting live rounds at some protestors?
    - Aren’t there ongoing “Christian”-led occupations of and wars in and terrorist attacks on several Muslim countries?
    - Weren’t there “color revolutions” in some countries on the right-hand side of the map?
    - What about banks in Belgium, France, and Germany that need bailouts and rioting in the UK?

    And we know even less about some of the other countries in that map, simply because there’s even less coverage about them — not because s* ain’t happening.