Here are your morning reads to start the week :

• Gold Traders Most Bullish Since 2004 on Debt Crisis (Bloomberg)
• Is Europe On The Verge Of Another Great Depression – Or A Great Inflation? (Baseline Scenario)
• Governments Using Swaps Emulate Subprime Borrowers as Wall Street Victims (Bloomberg) see also Cities Hit as Funds From Bonds Pay Other Bills (WSJ)
• Shanghai Gets Supersized (Smithsonian Magazine)
• Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams (NYT) see also Tech Firms Find It’s Not Easy Holding Green (WSJ)
• This 28-Year-Old’s Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards (Business Insider)
• Newspapers’ Digital Apostle (NYT) see also Ad Spending Loses Steam (WSJ)
• Lampert’s Fix for Sears Becomes Not Your Parents’ Department Store: Retail (Bloomberg)
• Lawrence Lessig: Reclaiming the Republic (Boston Review)
• A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search (NYT)

What are you reading?

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19 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. rktbrkr says:

    Every time I hear Mario Monti I think of Topo Gigio but it was Lou Monte who sang about another mouse and , of course, Dominick The Christmas Donkey.

    I don’t think the technocrats have the right stuff to manage south european politicians and the food fights that erupt in their congresses. I think the Euro fixes will be short term and ineffective. Also looking for the Italian Northern League to try to rip Italy apart, the prosperous north staying in the euro zone and arreviderchi to the south. Won’t happen but it will provide additional drama.

  2. pc says:

    Just when you think everything in Greece was resolved. Here we go again

    …New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said he would not vote for any new austerity measures…

  3. Mbuna says:

    That board game is a must have. Would some enterprising fellow please publish it!

  4. AHodge says:

    janet yellen a must read
    Pursuing financial stability…….11/11/11

    the warnings on overnight repo alone worth the effort
    she may be 5’1”
    but heads and shoulders my fav fed official

  5. AHodge says:

    well fisher a fav also
    takeover from Hoenig as head pitchfork man

  6. theexpertisin says:

    In today’s FT, a somewhat buried but significant piece on the decline of hybrid cars in the US.

    Jan-October, 2011:
    Prius down 9.4%
    Fusion down 15.4%
    Highlander down 37%
    GM states that hubrid sales are heavily confined to only those businesses that “have some sort of green vehicle commitment or mandate”.

    Kelly Blue Book states that the hybrid market is in “a freefall”. It has even urged used car dealers to avoid adding alternative fuel models to their used car inventory.

    Consumer’s want better mileage and, to a degree, a cleaner environment. They are voting with their pocketbooks, overwhelmingly it seems, for a better gas engine with close to or exceeding hybrid mileage without the hassles and expenses of current hybrid technology. New or used.

    A random act of journalism by the FT!

  7. Jojo says:

    Re: This 28-Year-Old’s Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards (Business Insider)
    This model isn’t too different from that of many failed micropayment companies. They either ask for direct access to your bank account or ask you to create a separate money store for them to draw from w/o involving the CC companies.

    As a BUYER, I don’t care what YOUR fees are for collecting my money when I make a purchase UNLESS you are going to reduce my buying cost due to YOU saving transaction fees. Plus, the buyer may also lose CC benefits like reward miles or year-end rebates. AND I really don’t like the idea of giving anyone my bank account information. If you freely give your bank info to someone and they drain the account, I am not sure who is liable for the loss.

    Then there are the further issues of problems with the product you brought or non-delivery that if you were using a CC, the CC company would (might) give you your money back. With this scheme, there is no one to turn to for recourse.

  8. Apinak says:

    My TBP influenced oped.

    Protesting unequal opportunity: Occupiers angry at rigged system

    “…The fundamental problem in this country is that our government has been hijacked and corrupted by big money. Multinational corporations and billionaires use their money to buy influence in Washington and rewrite the rules in their favor. This allows them to get even richer and buy even more influence. The predictable result of this downward spiral is that they become too big to fail while the rest of us become too poor to succeed. The record inequality that has resulted from this corruption is just a symptom. We need to get money out of government so we can once again have a real democracy and a strong middle class…”–Occupiers-angry-at-rigged-system?instance=home_opinion_community_perspectives

  9. alnval says:

    re 28 y/o’s creating a system to transfer money without credit card fees: How do I get a piece of that? This could do for credit transactions what Gutenberg did for printing! This is not something in the idea phase but he’s got a test program up and running with venture capital and the active participation of established financial institutions. Good grief. What else do you need?

  10. Greg0658 says:

    Apinak hi5

    not sure the monopoly kleptocracy board would pass the trademark courts .. but not even a link to buy a 10×10 or I’m feeling large today 20×20

  11. Mike in Nola says:

    Although it’s a little late to short, RIM continues to circle the drain. It now sells for less than book value.

    Its share of global markets slipped from 15% to 10% in the past year.

    In the smartphone market, interest in RIM is slipping among developers which are really the future of any platform. New surveys show that interest in developing for Blackberry among developers has dropped from 28 to 21% while interest in developing for Windows Phone 7 has jumped to 38% in one year from launch, probably due to a big push by MSFT to recruit developers and the Nokia deal.

  12. DeDude says:

    How do you simultaneously cut health care for our veteran’s and cut some fat juicy government checks for your corporate pals; with voucher for veterans

  13. rktbrkr says:

    Re hybrids – unless you’re a cab or pizza delivery regenerative braking doesn’t cut it, excessively costly & complex – it’s a too long payback even without the cost of a new battery somewhere down the road. People who bought these are going to take a financial bath.

    Natural gas is the way to go with federally mandated highway natgas pumping facilities and home fill (Phill) stations. Carbon generated electric for plug in vehs is a long way from free. A utility generating station only has 30-40% energy conversion efficiency and then a few % line losses more on the way to the home. Natgas is much more cost effective but there have to be federal mandates to make it happen. Maybe an Iran war oil embargo will help it on its way.

  14. rktbrkr says:

    Re MF global, sounds like they had a hybrid accounting system part dual entry part single entry, interesting. Doesn’t sound like insurance will cover investors losses and it sounds like the examinations/audits weren’t really on top of things. we’ve come a long way baby when it comes to improved financial controls! LOL

  15. rktbrkr,

    re: CNG

    amazing, no, that with the USPS ‘looking’ for ways to become competitive, that they aren’t striking a ‘deal’ with the USGov to utilize/install CNG fuelling stations, no?