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Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party |
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23 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party”

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  2. mathman says:

    While your WaPo piece has gone viral, in Congress it’s business as usual (and we wonder why there are no prosecutions of Wall Street fraud?):

  3. AtlasRocked says:

    Corporation that owns Zuccotti “Protester” Park Wins $168 Million Loan Guarantee from the DOE.

  4. Moss says:

    Hopefully the public opinion will prevail as to the corrective action that is needed to right the ship. It will be difficult since the Senate does not constitute a representative democracy. When Wyoming, with 70 times fewer people than California, has the same representation within this chamber fair and equitable policy is not possible.

  5. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    The stereotypes section should get a little feedback.

    The essential difference between the two is that one is a social movement (trying hard to be apolitical, or at least not allowing itself to be claimed by any existing political interest or party), and the other the financed attempt by entrenched power brokers to rebrand an existing political party. The real-world expression of the difference is that Michelle Bachmann, a self-professed Tea Party leader, is also participating in the GOP debates, as a Republican. OTOH, no one can say for sure who, if anyone, runs or directs OWS.

    Of the two, OWS is the real deal (if only because of the pushback by TPTB).

    Tangential: I know that the OWS and signals look realy hippy-dippy, but if you have seen them work in a conversation, it’s like Parliamentary Procedure meets hand-jive. The really interesting thing is that it works. What a freekin’ hoot.

    “Wow. This is perfect. We sit there with 40 people and have a huge open discussion that Is respectful.”

    -Terry Weymouth, Occupy Windsor

  6. Kalenjin says:

    The age and employment status of the Tea Party would indicate this is not a class war, but an age war. We know that demographics and the impending entitlement liabilities ~$60trn will dwarf current concerns. The majority of these liabilities – SS and Medicare – will benefit older voters disproportionately.

    The Tea Party (those standing in the crowd, not the leaders) are concerned about losing their benefits.

    The rallying cry of the future will be, “Get back to work, Junior, and pay my doctors bills!”

  7. theexpertisin says:

    What if both sides are dead wrong in focus? And only successful amassing inordinate media print.

    History has a way of springing surprises on us when we least expect it.

    Another terrorist attack, Iran, African implosions, China military adventures, etc. (who knows?) will render both of these marginal movements mooot overnight.

    There almost certainly will be a “Bigger Picture”.

  8. budhak0n says:

    So Moss’s solution is to scrap the constitution. Ne’er eard that one b4 .

  9. frodo1314 says:

    Very interesting and informative however given what I believe to be biased coverage of the two movements by the mainstream media I think the Public Opinion portion of what is shown here may be misleading….

  10. gman says:

    The different age demographics are the real story. Tea Party = keep government just big enough long enough for me to die at a ripe old featherbeded age!

    Description of a hipster? You must be kidding… In the same way I think the overt racism of the tea party is over stated also.

  11. USSofA says:

    Study history. There were good and valid reasons why congress was structured the way it is.

  12. ctc says:

    And advertisement of which any cigarette company could admire.

  13. theexpertisin says:

    Are not all six folks in the montage part of the 1%?

  14. Greg0658 says:

    OWSers its time to retreat – you are making matters worse and putting yourselves in unproductive risk .. ie: you will feed the system you are attemping to reform …. resistance is futile

    you fought a good battle now fall back and rebuild for the next one ..
    you are taking on the mother of all wars

  15. justthinking says:

    A very (I assume purposefully) misleading graphic. Most of the generalizations/stereotypes are a result of party: Republicans as whiter, older, less educated, and wealthier, and the Tea Party is a Right Wing movement, opposite being true for OWS.

  16. tsk tsk says:

    So the Tea Party is a PC and OWS in an Apple? Simple graphics for simple minds.

  17. gordo365 says:

    @Kalenjin I also see generational conflict storm cloud brewing — not class warfare.

    Old Tea Party is upset at young unemployed, lazy OWS because they are not actively funding Soc Security and Medicare. Mantra – Get back to work and stop complaining.

    Young OWS is upset at old boomers who are retiring after deficit spending for their entire adult life, now handing mess and bill to next generation. Mantra – Thanks for nothing. Now get out of the way and let the next generation fix your S#&T.

    By the way – better buy another Medicare funded electric scooter while you can. Also, better pop for the sign holder on the basket – so you don’t have to hold your “Get Obama’s dirty Marxist Socialist hands off my Medicare” sign.

    Can you tell which group I’m in? :)

  18. gordo365 says:

    @Greg0658 – NO WAY!

    My entire adult life I have had to listen to the “nudge nudge wink wink” there won’t be enough Social Security to pay your generation. Better make other plans while you pay for ours. The older generation never cloud prioritize fixing the big problem that wouldn’t affect them. Thanks for nothing.

    It’s not time for OWS to retreat. To borrow a Tea Party phrase – time to “lock and load”.


  19. HarleyHoward says:

    Rather than being a MSM shill, you might want to reconsider some facts. The original tea partiers were the Founding Fathers and Adam Smith. The current Tea Party has the same values and beliefs. One of which was Thomas Jefferson’s advice when things get this corrupted – “Reform or Revolt.” The misguided miscreants ( the “OWS”) were originally the Communists and Socialists (the former NAZI party) and you know how those turned out. Just some Common Sense from the Heartland –

  20. Greg0658 says:

    Nazis were fascist .. destroyers to advance ie: easier to destroy than to build*

    on my original comment .. I mean that the mayors & police are required by duty to do what they do .. one way or another the protests will be run thru the judicial system giving the system status quo their days bread** .. either the defendants will pay for court & related stuff or/and the system

    points have been made .. the discussion has started .. OWS will be false flag op’d soon

    * – destruction will be its own catalyst for economic system repairs .. its the way it is
    ** – maybe via QE3

  21. crjdriver says:

    Can one support both the OWS and the Tea party at the same time? Am I the only one who believes that the non-racist Tea party supporters and the non-wacko OWS have a lot in common? Many Tea Party suppporters see governments wielding of power for only the benefit of the upper 1% (ZIRP/TARP/QE1/2, Maiden Lane 1/2, etc…) as corrupt abuse of power. Isn’t that essentially the same thing that OWS is angry about. I hate this Republican vs Democrate oversimplification.

  22. leveut says:

    It seems to me that we have mulitple personality disorder in these environs.

    On the one hand, there is The Big Picture, proprietor Barry Ritholtz. A site that has clear thinking and analysis based on actual data and real experience in Wall Street. It has things such as the maxims of trading and advice about investing, the apprentice investor columns, and various chartporns such as Euro Area Gross debt, the bank closure charts, and more. Absolutely clear thinking, logical thinking.

    On the other hand, there is The Kingdom of Ritholtzia in which the operating maxim seems to be:

    ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, …lack of respect for scientific knowledge…create straw men …Any irrelevancies …

    That is, the kookiest sort of leftwing Revealed Truth and nutter arguments, presentations, and chartporn. An example is the the…”interesting”…chartporn of this very thread.

    Another, which I don’t understand is “the global view of the housing bubble”, summarizing:


    Question: How did Europe and Asia and Canada all have a simultaneous housing boom as big if not bigger than that of the US?

    Were the Australians compelled to follow the CRA? Did Barney Frank influence the Belgians? Were the US GSEs effecting policy in the UK?

    Or might some other factors — like ultra-low rates, excess leverage, demand for junk AAA-rated paper, misaligned incentives, and/or derivatives have been at play?


    One would logically and knowledgeably respond: No, the Australians did not have to follow the CRA–that’s a stupid question. Did Barney Frank influence the Belgians? Who knows who the Belgians paid attention to, if anyone–an irrelevant question. Were the US GSEs effecting(sic) policy in the UK? One would expect not, as the UK has its own government effecting its own policies. Perhaps these are all straw men arguments, and poor ones that one would expect of A Kook of Ritholtzia.

    One would also logically and knowledgeably respond further that ultra-low rates, excess leverage, demand for junk AAA-rated paper, misaligned incentives, and/or derivatives were at play in each place.

    One might also logically and knowledgeably ask: do you mean to argue that the CRA, Barney Frank, and the US GSEs had absolutely no effect on the US housing boom and the abominations that participated in, assisted in, and perpetrated it? None at all? And do you mean to argue, as it appears you do, that they had no effect in the US because they had no effect outside the US?

    I submit those “arguments” are characteristic of A Kook of Ritholtzia, not Barry Ritholtz clear thinker. I submit that those “arguments” don’t seem to be related very much to the Washington Post column eviscerating Mayor Michael Doomturd, or the author of that article.

    Perhaps The Last Psychiatrist should apply his/her talents to an analysis of the dual world of The Big Picture/Ritholtzia