Crony Capitalism Report: Ritholtz Slams Paulson, Lauds Judge for Denying SEC-Citi Deal
Aaron Task
Daily Ticker, 11/30/11

Category: Bailouts, Video

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6 Responses to “Ritholtz Slams Paulson, Lauds Judge for Denying SEC-Citi Deal”

  1. jd351 says:

    BR: you are the man!!!!

  2. BusSchDean says:

    Thanks for the honest voice.

  3. cthwaites says:

    Careful…he’ll sick Tiny Tim on you.

  4. emaij says:

    Excellent interview.

  5. victor says:

    BR: I still suggest you team up with John Bogle and Paul Volker to become a major force to be reckoned with in this difficult, but winnable struggle against that part of the financial services sector of our economy which is parasitic in nature and adds no value to the economy. Better hurry up though, Bogle and Volker are both Octogenarians. Too bad Elliot Spitzer ended up as he did. By the way, are you ever weary about becoming one of the “unloved” by the powers that be on Wall Street? There were cheers, literally when Spitzer went down. I really appreciate you doing the right thing here. Long winded but you get my point.

  6. OneMtn says:

    All great points! One more bit of irony is that the current GS CEO is set to testify for the prosecution in an insider trading case, while the old one was discovered providing insider tips.