Here is a new release that I cannot imagine selling a single copy: A 3 disc, $150 box set version of Some Girls.

Super Deluxe Edition contains the digitally remastered and expanded two CD Deluxe Edition of the album PLUS a bonus DVD, 7″ vinyl single, hardback book, a set of postcards, Helmut Newton prints, and a poster. Digitally remastered edition of the Rolling Stones’ 1978 masterpiece. A fresh, uncompromising attempt to incorporate then-modern pop techniques into the band’s familiar sound, Some Girls opens with the Disco sass of “Miss You” and closes with the self-destructive punk of “Shattered.” In between, you have an album that solidified their reputation as the world’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Some may cite Exile On Main Street as their finest ’70s moment, but Some Girls is it’s equal, if not a smidgen more exciting.

I love the album, but seriously? $150, 2 CD, 1 DVD set? I’ll add it to my wish list, but this one looks like its for top 1% hard core fans only . . .

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2 Responses to “Rolling Stones Some Girls Box Set: $144”

  1. peachin says:

    Actually, easier to download specific songs – of greatness. It is common knowledge the stones original recordings were not of high quality for the times. Remastering blends unintended downgrading of mix.

    My all time fav album – Sticky fingers and then many songs from other albums

  2. scottinnj says:

    Off topic but Rolling Stone has its top 100 Greatest Guitarists List out today. Keif is #4. I like the Stones and all but Keif ahead of Chuck Berry?