Bill Moyers Essay: Plutocracy and Democracy Don’t Mix

Bill Moyers Essay: Plutocracy and Democracy Don’t Mix from on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Bill Moyers Essay: Plutocracy and Democracy Don’t Mix”

  1. Francois says:

    The most amazing thing about this essay is witnessing people in the punditocracy having the unbearable nerve of denying its legitimacy.

    Yes Erin Burnett and Joe Kernan!…I’m looking at you among others. But as Moyers said, “they’re only the mules.”

    THe bottom line is pretty sobering: GOP, Democrats SCOTUS, Federal Reserve, economists, bankers, CEOs…you name it; in the US, people in position of power can no longer be trusted about anything.

    THAT ought to frighten the elites more than anything else. If the 99% do not trust the 1%, that’s it. It won’t be a matter of “Will the gloves come off?” but “What will they hold in their hands when the gloves are off?”

  2. amboycharlie says:

    I’ve seen this many times before but I am glad you posted it, because it will get attention here from people who might otherwise not watch it.

    I think the Punditocracy might agree in principle, but they would recognize the U.S. due to their ideological blinders. Maybe Krugman and Michael Hudson would, but who else that anyone can name, besides Barry?

  3. TripleSigma says:

    Unless you vote for Ron Paul, dont complain…