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11 Responses to “Chinese Food: A Christmas Tradition”

  1. speaking of ‘Dietary Customs’ ..

    who’d care to wager that there are more than 100 Kosher ‘Chinese Restaurants’, in the U.S. ?

    really, 50 might be pushing it..

    but, ’tis funny, nonetheless..~

    and, speaking of “Food” (being the first Drug)..

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  2. victor says:

    OK, its humor but @Mark Hoffer there is a distinction between “kosher style” (OK for for no-observing or secular Jews) and truly kosher restaurants where ingredients and preparation follow Talmudic kosher dietary laws. There are a handful of truly kosher Chinese restaurants in the US though. Most observant Jews would shun Chinese Restaurants. Ask any Orthodox and of course Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jew and the answer would be: no way! Same goes for the Hasidic group of the Haredi Jews: must be true passover kosher supervised by a Rabbi or it’s no go. Happy Hanukkah (Dec 20-28).

  3. ByteMe says:

    Our tradition is “Jews on skis eating Chinese”.

    Amazing how many people came up to me in Park City to apologize for skiing on Christmas and telling “but we’re Jewish”. I didn’t try to make them more comfortable… Jewish guilt it all-powerful!

  4. peachin says:

    “Amazing how many people came up to me in Park City to apologize for skiing on Christmas and telling “but we’re Jewish”. I didn’t try to make them more comfortable… Jewish guilt it all-powerful!” – Byteme

    I would guess that post is made up out of the mind of the person who posted it. Take it apart, consider who the Jewish people – might have been talking with, Christian Guilt is a societal condition… Jewish guilt is a family condition/ Tradition. Forget about wasting their time talking about their pleasure – Skiing let alone the commercial holiday that has lost all the respect requirement…. How Christmas is celebrated by the masses has increased its own ugliness – waiting in line for discounts. Park City Utah, a “Pleasure Island” in a LDS world.

  5. Sechel says:

    Kosher is a set of dietary restrictions, not a cuisine. There’s nothing to apologize for when eating kosher Chinese, Italian, Sushi, or anything else. Just about every kosher recipe was based on the local cuisine of the ethnic population Jews happen to have lived amongst.

  6. econimonium says:

    A dear friend of mine used to work for the local temple in the office. The congregation was on the conservative side, but not “orthodox” as we might call people here that observe kosher rules. Once a month, everyone would sneak out for “cf” as they called it and the rabbi used to kid saying “well you know, we can’t eat pork or lobster…except if it’s in Chinese Food, look it up!” and everyone would laugh.

    Frankly we all gave up on bronze age restrictions. It might have made sense long ago but now doesn’t. Just like a lot of other things in the book…like stoning etc. It’s all about community and family. And is there a better way to celebrate community and family than over a gigantic pupu platter of what I call “suburban Chinese”?? I think not!!! :)

  7. thelonegunman says:

    My Jewish friends and colleagues thought this hilarious… If you need to ask, you don’t get it…

    After all, whom can forget this attempt at a ‘gotcha’ by graham during elena kagan’s hearings which became an unintentionally funny and memorable gem…

  8. VennData says:

    Our non-Judaismacally-blessed family has gone here every XMAS for the long time…

    … see you there next year.

    We’re the ones with the guy wearing a red-and-green flannel tie marvelling at the pickles …get the matzo ball soup.

  9. mathman says:

    then there’s this:

    more videos of cool lighting displays in comments section