The second installment of our holiday ideas was posted last night: More Holiday Shopping Ideas!.

The good news is the Breville 800JEXL is back to the sale price; the bad news is the Florilegium Imperiale seems to be sold out.

Everyone seems to like these; I have a few more lists in the works . . .

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5 Responses to “Gift Ideas, Part II”

  1. Jojo says:

    Re: the juicer

    It takes prodigious amounts of fruit/veggies to get a couple of decent cups of juice using a juicer. And you lose the fiber and vitamins in the left over pulp. And then you have to dispose of or find a use for that left-over pulp. Oh, and don’t forget having to clean up the mess!

    As an alternative, I would suggest something like the Vita-mix blender (usually available at Costco for around $400). This thing will quickly pulverize almost anything and it is very easy to clean. Throw some unpeeled cucumber, carrots, spinach, etc. and some water in it and in less than 60 seconds, you’ve got a drink PLUS all the fiber. Or make a quick smoothie with some protein, a banana, some pineapple, some raw almonds and some ice cubes. This thing as so much power, you can even make soup in it (the friction cooks the soup).

  2. JoJo,

    that’s, really, a good idea..

    also, for those who may have need, the Vita-Mix, will produce any number of ‘dishes’, beyond “Juice”, as well..

  3. PDS says:

    BR…forgive me but…..this is the best u can come up with?…..Gift Ideas Part Deux????…the wheels are coming off…euro zone in shambles…downgrades coming for France etc…..Merkel declaring 4th Reich….Straits of Hormuz maybe, possibly perhaps closed….rumors of Nato troops massing on Jordan/Syria border with US aircraft carrier group offshore Syria….Fed ignoring reality….POTUS MIA…..Santa AWOL…..and you’re telling me that an expresso maker is on sale????….get a grip man :)


    BR: Look around you — look at all the bones, man!

    I have been fighting a lonely battle for 3 years, here, on TV, in WaPo. (Sunday’s column is all about MF Global) If i want to get into the holiday spirit by doing a little shopping, I will, then dammit, I will.

    And based on the response (see this for example) others agree

  4. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Vitamix is about $200 more than you need to spend. I picked up the Healthmaster at Target for $200 and it will blend anything into juice. It has very large capacity to boot. I buy a 4 pound bag of Wyman’s Wild Blueberries from Costco for about $10 and mix a fresh brain-food smoothie every morning. I add a scoop of Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Protein (no aspartame like 99% of other Wheys) from GNC or Vitamin Shoppe with water and maybe some strawberries. Excellent. This is probably the highest concentration of antioxidants you can buy at the lowest cost. Do that every day and see how much better off you’ll be in 10 years.

  5. ami_in_deutschland says:

    After getting sick of the ridiculous escalation of blades in the system razors and having looked into the various alternatives, I bought a quality safety razor about a year ago and am incredibly happy with the decision. Merkur has the wider product palette and distribution, but I went with the R89 Closed Comb Razor from a relatively small company in Germany named Mühle.

    The device is extremely well made, and the shaves are better — yet far gentler — than is possible with any multiple blade monster since it does not depend upon pulling the whiskers before cutting them. Combined with my ceramic mixing mug (also from Mühle), badger-hair brush, and a fine shaving cream, it makes for a wonderful way to start the day.

    Another bonus: the blades themselves, even the finer ones like the Japanese Feather or the Turkish Derby, cost a mere pittance so that the initial investment in shaving gear is more than paid for in only a year or two.