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3 Responses to “Intro: FusionIQ Investor”

  1. Sechel says:

    I seem to recall Value Line had something like this(perhaps not as sophisticated), but they cited evidence of market out performance.

    The only caveat I would add, is that as an individual investor your greatest advantage is not having to compete with the s&p 500 and can think and invest long term, so it may be an advantage to invest against technicals to gain long term advantage.

  2. wyo says:

    BR: Is FusionIQ Investor $29.95/mo as mentioned in John Mauldin’s letter, or $49.95/mo as listed in the signup form?

    Happy Holidays!


    BR: That is Fusion Trader

    What John mentioned was our latest project, Fusion Investor

  3. wyo says:

    Oops. Mystery solved. If one selects the “Sign Up Today” link at the bottom of the home page, the resulting form displays $49.95/mo. All the other “Get Started” buttons link to aform with a charge of $29.95/mo.