I am off to go chat with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene at 12:30pm — watch it live on BBTV or stream it on the web.

We will discuss this rally, housing data, andperhaps MFG.

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3 Responses to “Media Appearance: Bloomberg Surveillance Midday”

  1. robert d says:

    saw you beat up on BAC again.
    buy the stock at 5.12, not the bank.


    BR: Sold to you

    Where else are you long it — at what price(s) ?

  2. Greg0658 says:

    “All that backs the USD is good faith and credit, not hard assets” .. a cross post from gold thread … if the paperwork can be ordered – make that a big IF .. banks have some legal mortgages .. deeds to land .. that will have value … another “but” IF the minds of the populace honor “good faith” .. hense these banks buying themselves private with taxpayer carry over credit is what has me UPSET .. this episode in the ’10s is ALL about repossession to resell into the future … the situation as seen – call me bent over – but I don’t see the banks ending up poorly at any stock price .. this is some game system running currently