What is the function of Ratings Agencies? The answer to that question was most pithily expressed thusly: might

“The function of a ratings agency is to visit the field at the end of the battle and shoot the wounded.”

-John Heimann, Spring 1998
(former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency and later vice chairman of Merrill Lynch and chairman of the Financial Stability Forum)

Sourced from Brookings

Category: Analysts, Really, really bad calls

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4 Responses to “QOTD: Ratings Agencies Jobs”

  1. VRWC says:

    What Mr. Heimann says is true enough…. but he misses the REAL reason for the ratings agencies;

    To cover the collective rear ends of the asset managers who bet on the wounded and lost….

  2. T_S says:

    Hey great to see this has been known widely since 1998 and absolutely nothing has been done about it. Maybe we’ll solve it by 2025 or so!

  3. WFTA says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for posting.

  4. jritzema says:

    Heard the exact same quote about auditors from an accounting professor in the early 1990s. Have also heard it in reference to actuaries.