Terribly amusing . . .

The UK is as isolated as someone left on the dock in Southampton as the Titanic sailed away.

-Terry Smith of Tullett Prebon

via FT’s Alphaville

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9 Responses to “QOTD: UK Isolation”

  1. lunartop says:

    Have to say I prefer Winslet and DiCaprio to Merkel and Sarkozy.

  2. amboycharlie says:


    The Eurozone is over but for the shooting of the banks.

    So would somebody please shoot the banks, already?


  3. ToNYC says:

    The Eurozone is over but for the shooting of the banks.

    “So would somebody please shoot the banks, already?”

    It took some greater effort than “please” in 1775 to get off the British monopoly banking network; they didn’t shoot themselves then and never slept a moment since. No surprise their extraction factory ship would sail alone so that the sun never sets on their banks.

  4. amboycharlie says:

    The banks and their trillions are not my concern. The banks demanded the creation of the Euro to eliminate sovereign central banks so they could lend governments money to collect economic rents off the taxpayers in perpetuity, and perhaps so they could eventually hang European welfare states in the noose of neo-liberalism.
    But they wrote the rules for the ECB in a way that prevented it from doing TBTF bailouts. Then they got really stupid and put the rest of their eggs in the housing bubble basket. They already got slaughtered once, now they’re about to get slaughtered twice. Maybe the second will be the charm.

  5. Malachi says:

    I don’t think someone would be isolated on the docks of Southhampton as the Titanic sailed away. I think they would be surrounded by lots of other people.

  6. Robert M says:

    You need a warning not to drink while reading this!!
    Thank whoever invented rubbing alcohol.

    Just devastating wit

  7. Expat says:

    Fog in the Channel. Continent cut off.

    The Brits feel special and different. They are on an island and therefore apart from the rest of Europe. In fact, I would guess that most Englishmen would not even refer to themselves as European. They frankly speak of vacationing in Europe.

    Maybe they can remerge with Ireland, incorporate Iceland, and become some sort of Debt Superpower.

  8. AtlasRocked says:

    “Under the deal announced in Brussels Friday, all 17 countries that use the euro agreed to allow a central European authority to oversee their future budgets and impose tighter controls on spending. They also agreed to automatic penalties if countries spend too much.” http://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-stocks-fall-euro-crisis-144053018.html

    If the European union adopts this rule, and it has teeth, and it is enforced, is enacting EXACTLY 3 US Constitutional ideas:

    1 A central, federal authority will have no power to spend on benevolence, that is consistent with the US Constitution.
    2 A central, federal authority will allow only member states to spend on benevolence, as our Constitution does.
    3 A central, federal power in Europe does not allow member states to print their own money, as our Constitution does.

    Our gov’t currently violates 1 and 2, and is printing massive amounts of money to fund these violations.

    So, now the European Union is stating they will adopt a federalist concept. An idea the US Constructionists advocate.

  9. jg900ss says:

    As echoed earlier, Cameron has voted with his banking community, not with the politics supporting the UK’s best interests. Since recent banking and debt scandals have started the banking community moving trading and derivative operations from the US to London, its clear this is a sinking ship, perhaps in addition to the Euro zone. Until London gets with the program and regulates the derivatives market, tragedy is inevitable. Undocumented, unlimited derivatives trading by TBTF banks mandates taxpayer funded bailouts, forces more sovereign debt on the countries engaged in the bailouts, and runs up future indebtedness to “TBTF” numbers for the sovereigns themselves. With notional derivative holdings today over 10 times global GDP, who believes standing on the dock is any less fatal than sailing with the sinking ship? No, at least the euro contingent has seen some of the culprits for who they are and is attempting to throttle the oligarchy in charge. It will not be easy, but its a start.