Those of you who are still shopping — you are fast running out of time. If you order anything online today, you are unlikely to get it shipped in time (and at Best Buy — you may never get it!).

For those of you still with some jingle burning holes in your pockets, have a looksee at our holiday shopping ideas.

Holiday Shopping Ideas!

Holiday Gifts for Traders

More Holiday Shopping Ideas!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Thank you for the many kind comments and emails you have sent. I find doing these things a therapeutic break from my usual venom-laden, spittle-soaked missives.

Unlike most people, I still have time to shop — we exchange presents at home on New Year’s Eve. Its a lovely way to ring in the New Year, and avoid the holiday crush as well. One day, I will have to explain the origins of that family tradition. Meanwhile, feel free to send a bauble from this exercise in excess.

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14 Responses to “Shopping Ideas Round Up”

  1. Moopheus says:

    This year we’re taking a break from ShoppingMas. Got enough crap in the house already.

  2. louis says:

    Venom laden spittle, love that. Thanks for the blog BR. Happy holidays to u and all the posters here.
    Remember all when underwater , think like a shark.

  3. rktbrkr says:

    Funny about Worst Buy they reneg on sale items when it’s too late to find an alternate retailer, literal over promise under deliver.

    They poisoned their own well, consumers remember shit like this!

  4. rktbrkr says:

    Some retailers are investing heavily in exclusive products that are less vulnerable to price competition (or even comparison).

    Rule #1 for retailers is to make price comparison as difficult as possible (unless they are low cost supplier!).I’m surprised retailers haven’t tried to physically prevent shoppers from scanning bar codes with their IPhones

  5. rktbrkr says:

    I just got an ad for Best Buy on your site Barry – now thats funny!


    BR: Ahhh, context sensitive bots look at the content on a page than try to serve whats relevant. I trash banks, I get Chase ads. I mock Best Buy, we get Best Buy ads. So much for our clever new easily fooled digital overlords!

  6. zitidiamond says:

    As a longtime reader of this site, I’d like to congratulate you on the improvements you’ve made, here, over the years as well as the addition of your WP column, which has made a huge contribution in promoting economic literacy in this country.

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

  8. Mr. Anonymous says:

    I’m most likely alone in this opinion, and it is, indeed, only my opinion, but while I love The Big Picture, I thoroughly despise the shopping updates. IMHO, it smacks of a lot of the ills afflicting America, beginning with materialism, consumerism, the desire to own things you don’t need (why does one ‘need’ or even want to buy DVDs you’ll watch once, or perhaps a handful of times?), and all of it starting with greed. I must quote Fight Club here, after the, I don’t know how many shopping postings of this year: “The things you own end up owning you.” And Wall Street, the first movie, paraphrasing, “How many yachts you can waterski behind’. Just how big IS your DVD player? I’m sure, BR, with just a few more trinkets and baubles, your nest– and soul?– will be full. Or the landfill, runneth over with the cast off items from the island of misfit toys and conspicuous consumers.

    Just one man’s opinion for what (little) it’s worth. Cheers and happy holidays!

    BR: I try to emphasize the experience, not the baubles (Skip Barber Driving, etc.)
    And DVDs, I usually watch and than pass along (unless its a keeper)

    Besides, it is therapy for me — most of the stuff i read and write about makes me ant to go shopping for a machine gun. Its a good release to recommend soaps and shave cream

  9. rktbrkr says:

    “most of the stuff i read and write about makes me ant to go shopping for a machine gun”

    oh oh Barry, the Big Brother bots will have a field day with your mention of machine guns, next time you go to board a plane you might get an extra special groping…


    BR: heh heh Thats the advantage of posting it in someone else’s comment

  10. Kim53 says:

    “In cyberspace, no one can feel your spittle.” keep at it in 2012 BR.

  11. mathman says:

    i found this little Italian specialty store (yeah, some find genius, the place was packed) where i bought a lot of really nice stocking stuffers (the boss does the main gift shopping): a mediterranean seafood rub, a vinagrette carafe, imported Italian cookies, sweet and sour candy, Turkish dried apricots and a pound of LaColombe coffee for the aforementioned little missus and my 3 grown boys for about $35. Had a nice sized hot pork, peppers & onions and broccoli rabe sandwich which was superb (cause i was hungry).

    Hope everyone’s enjoying themselves and being practical, generous and reasonable, but it’s okay if you aren’t or can’t or like to go overboard.

  12. bergsten says:

    For the first time ever (and we’re talking more than half a century), I’ve bought nothing whatsoever for anybody (and asked for even less in return).

    That’ll teach you advertising bastards to clog up my email for the last month or so with ads for stuff I wouldn’t take for free, let alone put effort and money into acquiring. I mean, four Toys R’ Us email ads a day? Even more from Brookstone, whoever they are? “Celebrate your Holidays by buying worthless, expensive, shitty, buggy, difficult-to-install, harder-to-use business applications”? Are you serious?

    And, as of calendar year end, I’m completely out of the “Big Banks” too. The mattress is a bit lumpy, but we all have to make sacrifices. Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Nevertheless, belated to some, forthcoming to others, Happy Holidays!

  13. BTW, you can never go wrong with a good book to give someone — you can inform, educate, entertain and enrich — for about $20.

    And, it helps to find something that they might really like

  14. JohnQ2 says:

    Exchange presents on New Year’s Eve?? Love the idea. I think you planted a seed here…
    Thanks for all the info and the good year you’ve helped us enjoy.