So I have been mulling about a few things I would like to do to the site:

• Develop iPhone/Android Mobile version of the blog;
• Come up with an iPad version as well
• Do more infographic design
• Make each tab design independent (do we really still need tabs?)
• Freshen up the design, menus, sidebar
• Create more interactive features (quotes, twitter feeds, market postures)
• Add Google Plus to the social share at bottom
• Embed adverts into the RSS feeds

Any ideas or suggestions for the site are appreciated.

If anyone can refer me to a programmer who specializes in these sorts of things, it would be appreciated.

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Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

73 Responses to “Time for a Site Refresh”

  1. BR,

    does your ‘Site Search’-Box work?
    (doesn’t seem like it..)


    BR: It crashed about a month ago — thats on my list to get repaired

    Meanwhile, use this: Advanced Search

  2. Trevor says:

    • Develop iPhone/Android Mobile version of the blog

    There are WP plug-ins for that. For example, “WordPress Mobile Pack”

    • Come up with an iPad version as well

    I’m not sure that’s needed, given how well one can see the blog on an iPad. Flipboard already covers you well, too.

    My sense is that these two bullets could be left until last.

  3. Frwip says:

    A suggestion : I saw charts from CR in your NAST(y?) foils this morning. Why not conquer, subjugate, plunder and wholly annex Calculated Risk (but in a friendly and very sensitive manner, of course :-) ?

    More seriously, some more systematic charting / infograph would be a nice addition. It’s also a great way to spread the Big Picture identity around, a little bit like this chart is Da Sheet and gets incorporated everywhere.

    I’m not a big fan of stuff like that, though:

    Too gimmicky for my (personal) taste. And some of the stuff you link, I believe with as a particular offender, just make bonkers by using non-proportional data, like total underwater mortgages in a given state. Well, California is big. And Texas too! Who would have guessed? I really needed a big picture to know this ;-> How about per household, per mortgage, as a share of credit outstanding, etc?

    My $0.02, anyway. As always, caveat emptor, advisers are not payers, batteries not included, yada, yada.

  4. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    A Google search function for the blog would be nice. I can’t find one here. If you don’t have one, I’d make that priority one.


    BR: There’s one at top right (but it just broke!)

  5. munchbach says:

    I’m working with two contractors now for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. See Money Bible (android). My app will (ironically) be what you described. Contact me at We can swap stories and collaborate. I read your blog first… Most days. Let’s talk.
    Jim Munchbach

  6. Hurricaner says:

    Similar suggestion to Frwip….
    maybe an archive of all the great chart porn….categorized by Employment-Related (with subcategories), bank failures, market/index performance, etc.

  7. munchbach says:

    Check out, I’m building this site for the next version of my app (Money Bible).

  8. wnsrfr says:

    You’ll probably not want to leave the WordPress framework or all you habits and skills will be thrown in disarray–I think rather than mobile-specific you need to just be screensize specific, and have the lists and such all touch-scrollable. All this is still just HTML with some slick and adaptive JS and CSS.

    Here is a decent article on Responsive Web Design — a bit technical, but having a WordPress wiz implement on the guidelines and best practices evolving around this approach seems like your best bet:

    Hah, I know it has Microsoft in the URL, but it is by technical people, not IPR thieves…and has links to non-MS sources too…


    BR: I switched from Typepad to WordPress in October 2008 — wont be switching anytime soon . . .

  9. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    BR, would you please be so kind as to note your preferred email.
    I’m in contact with some developers who could at the very least offer some background and ideas.

  10. howardoark says:

    I suppose it’s too late to get Citibank to sponsor the site.


    BR: What is kinda funny is the adverts that run are from a network, and while some run regardless, there is a key word relevancy function that seems to run ads relative to content. Although here, that means trashing some JPM analyst generates a Chase ad . . . (heh heh)

  11. deanscamaro says:

    Please, please eliminate those periodic, floating ads that cover important reading items up.


    BR: I don’t care for those either — I may end up relegating them to other tabs

  12. oldncreaky says:

    A version that works well with the Kindle Fire

  13. Jojo says:

    1. Threading! (just like the NYT just implemented, like Marketwatch and the WSJ have had for a long time).
    2. Thumbs up/down or at least recommend or like a post.


    BR: Interesting idea for threaded comments.

    I would not want to do the Thumbs Up/Down, as they remind me of TV ratings.

    I want to express my thoughts/concerns/views without any self-censorship; I don’t want to wonder “How this is going to play to the crowd.” Its a freer way to express one’s self, and ratings are how unpopular ideas and views get squelched too early.

  14. J. Francis says:


    -Smartphone friendly versions would be huge! iPhone/Andoid as the first priority, maybe think about Blackberry as well since I’m guessing a large portion of the readers are still tethered to that being in finance/business.

    -Having a tab with your current market thoughts/positioning might be nice as an easy reference

    -You are a big fan of data and objective analysis, and like you, I abhor the usual bs that gets pedaled on comment sections. Is there a way we could more easily present graphs/charts/table etc. in an embedded format in the comments section? I know that is a bit ambitious and probably limited by wordpress’ structure but it might be worth a go

    -Closely associated with the above suggestion: it might be a good idea to revamp the site with an area/tab so that a weekly user generated data point/web article voted on by us all or selected by you from submissions could be highlighted!

    -As mentioned by others, a working search function would be huge!

    Thanks for running an superb, data focused and rational blog!


    BR: I used to be able to embed graphs/video in comments, but WP changed something and that went away. I’ll look into that.

  15. J. Francis says:

    1. iPhone/mobile friendly version

    2. A working search function!

    3. Barry, I know you love data and abhor vacuous, brain-dead ranting. Might it be possible to elevate the dialog in the comments section a bit with an embedded graph/table/data function? Links are ok, but man, it would speed things up and (hopefully) make for more rigorous and reasonable debate.

    4. A tab/ dedicated area for your market updates/positioning for reference


    BR: See above re: embeds

    The Tab for positions/updates runs into some compliance and legal issues. I will ask counsel what is legal, and what is advisable.

  16. Nacraphiliac says:

    Comprehensive historic search would be far more welcome than stylistic fluff. You’ve put out an amazing body of work; effective search functionality would almost move this site into the realm of being worthy of paid access.

    Total return calculations for asset classes, such as the total return on long US treasuries or zeroes for say the past 30 years. Bubbles are so much more fun to watch burst when they’ve been inflated to truly ridiculous levels.

    More jazz X-Mas gift recommendations, they’ve really gotten the short shrift lately…


    BR: What is a good tool for comp archive search?

    Xmas Jazz and gift suggestions gear up this week

  17. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    I think the info-graphics are highly overrated. (just my personal opinion…)

    Ooooo… look at this, it is a cool info-graphic!

    Reminds me of the flaming logos back in the earlier days of corp participation on the web.

    Before y’all give me grief, I will willingly admit that some, a rare few, info-graphics are informative. But not enough to base a site redesign around them.

    They are the sweet candy that you like, but know you should not eat.

    imo, they run against the meme of this august blog, the info-graphics say, “look at this, it is all you need to know in a capsule”. Problem is, it is not all you need to know, but it is so sweet, it sates your thirst for real inforamtion. (OK, mixing metaphors, so shoot me… :) )

  18. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    > Develop iPhone/Android Mobile version of the blog;
    > Come up with an iPad version as well

    Oh, btw, I would be surprised if WordPress did not already have solutions for those two needs.

  19. louis says:

    No Banker ads.


    BR: How can you not LOVE the idea that bank ads are subsidizing research into criticizing banks ?!? Do you not love that a Merrill ad is running above, on a blog that has savaged them over the years? Dude, that’s awesome!

  20. Concerned Neighbour says:

    I like the current design and if anything would only tweak it here or there.

    I come here for substantive discussions, not endless data that I can get anywhere else. So I would hate to see it turn into a information/data hub that distracts from the discussions.

    You could look into improvements to the comment sections, such as threaded comments and up/down voting widgets. I’d imagine WordPress plugins already exist for both these features.

    I’d advise against hiring the same individual to do front-end and back-end work. Most designers suck at back-end work, and similarly most back-end developers are horrible at making things look good. I’d hire separate individuals, or get a company that has specialists in house for each required role.

  21. petercoldgrave says:

    All the site needs is more Chairman Ritholtz thought.

  22. MarkBintheBigO says:

    I have been reading and lurking for a couple years and I would have to say that, as tired as the phrase is, content is king, and the packaging isn’t important. You aren’t going to drive more people here with a shiney redo… If you can make good changes without spending a lot of money then do it, otherwise continue with the awesome stuff you are already providing. Sorry if I am being anti web whatever point whatever….

  23. says:

    I also use WordPress for my popular blog which covers a lot of the same topic as yours, but with an emphasis on the West Coast. My site is It’s the top Google result for “housing crash” and some other such terms.

    I’ve very heavily modified WordPress so I could give you some good advice about server-side issues (I include an ad with my own RSS feed, for example) but I’m really a minimalist in terms of graphic design.

    Write me if you want to know more:

  24. Frilton Miedman says:

    What the hell…I’ll toss out my wish – a message board with search feature where each topic can be brought back to front as topical news or stories break.

    It’s impossible to look up topics from months back when a news story comes up, or new data is released.

    It’s also a pain in the ass to keep browser tabs open for blogs that are active long after the original post date.

    I also think a message board might increase traffic and membership.

  25. neilgmoore says:

    Mr. Ritholtz. If you are looking for a site refresh, you should consider Mule Design to do the work for you. They are fantastic.

  26. ArtE says:

    I check and read the site using Pulse on my iPad. I would make sure Big Picture looks good in this and Flipboard. No App is needed from my POV.

  27. jbruso says:

    1 Presentation Suggestion: Barry, to set your site a part I would look into expanding the site to 100% of the browser’s width, then check for screen resolution and for high resolutions, display full width graphics/videos.

    1 Accessibility Suggestion: Figure out a way so that users can post your content effectively within Facebook, playing through Facebook vs linking outside of it. This would be difficult to pull off, but highly innovative. Part of what makes this so difficult is the nature of blogs, but you probably get the point. Maximizing social value should be your first priority.

    1 Content Suggestion: Expand Academic Research Content – You already have an edge here with your great posters, and your content is always highly footnoted. This is your strength. You should keep playing to it.

    1 Value Added suggestion: What if your content took shape and related to one another? An infographic that relates to 2 videos that relates to 3 page dissertation on some topic? You have some of this with Meta tags, but the interrelatedness of content is weak. Its not easy to see any given topic unfold within the blog as I would like. It’s pretty much just a linear timeline of postings. Look at how you can search Charlie Rose’s Website for subject matter:

    :) John


    BR: There are a few plug ins that do “related content” automagically — i will look into it.

  28. Long term says:

    3 things:

    when user clicks comments, jump straight to comment 1 so user doesn’t have to click and scroll, scroll, scroll.

    allow users to historically search their own posts. basically, a query by username.

    enable replies directly to individual comments (as sub-comments) so little “threads” can be created for coherency.

  29. Bruman says:

    I read your site on Pulse reader for iPad and iPhone and it does a great job at everything except.enabling me to put in comments (which I still can do).

    It might be nice for readers with a sign in to mark and archive their favorite pieces and or comment streams. Sometimes I there is something several months back and it is a pain to go find it.

    Another might be to highlight keywords or tags that should get priority in being displayed.

    You might experiment with user-added tags to help with categorization and make it more wiki-like. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, but it might yield interesting results.

    I can tell that the site does a lot more than I really use it for. Maybe a page tha describes all the different sections would be useful so I know what I’m missing.

    I don’t especially like your specific aesthetic and logo here, and think it could look prettier, but that’s not why I come and I don’t really care that much. It’s just that if you’re going to put in the money for a facelift, you might as well take a peek at that.

  30. I mostly read on an iPhone or iPad, like right now…this site is great as is, most mobile sites just hide content.

  31. philipat says:

    Have an “Edit” function to allow correction o typos etc.

  32. philipat says:

    As per the above example!!

  33. ReductiMat says:

    Don’t bother with custom coding to a mobile platform as HTML5 will offer everything you need. And as it stands now, I get by just fine when I’m stuck on my iPhone.

    I’d also like to cast a vote in to have yourself and Mr. CR team up.

  34. Jojo says:

    Yes, an edit function would be nice. Most sites that offer this allow it for a set period of time, say 5 minutes after posting.

    If you choose to implement threading, then we need a notification by email that someone has made a reply to the thread (like the WSJ does but the newly designed NYT system does not [yet?] do. Also Marketwatch does not do this.

  35. luchito says:

    Hi Barry, big fan, I also happen to own an Interactive Agency in LA. Let me know if you have more information than what you’ve posted here, and if you’d like to get a quote, or if you’ve put together an RFP. You have my email in the registered users database or you can dm me @luchito.

  36. zyzzyva57 says:

    K.I.S.S. still works regardless the latest gee-whiz for web sites

    I hate great sites with relevant stuff that takes forever to load, because all of the gee-whiz

    Put your content on one page and let it scream on its own

    For example, I seldom go to the Crack web site, because of the gee-whiz and clicking I have to do for content

    In short, go the “Google” look, NOT the Yahoo look

  37. mathman says:

    Write it in Mandarin and Hindi or Gujarati (in addition to English – it’ll blow up yer site)!
    Get rid of the moderators!! (just kidding)
    More whimsy!!! (like more cowbell . . .)

    okay, now for real:

    See if you can get interviews with A’sG, some of the fraudsters (like Corzine), and heads of the TBTF banks or the regulators (hell, they aren’t doing anything anyway) to get their side of the story (and so we can destroy their asses with comments).

    A guest post by Ron Paul, Ralph Nader or Newt perhaps – so we can ask the questions that need to be asked, regarding fiscal policy of course.

    An interview with an OWS rep might be fun too.

    just sayin’

  38. Invictus says:

    So, if Barry and Bill (Calculated Risk) McBride did team up, as suggested by a couple of comments, would the combined site be — apropos of the past few years — “The Big Risk”?

  39. V says:

    Aside from charging a $5 membership fee so we can get a kitty together to bribe the nearest congressman.

    How about the ability to flag favourite posts, so you can pull them up easier later. I see you have a favourite posts link, which isn’t really active.
    Also threaded comments/up/down ratings (as suggested by above users)


    BR: VERY interesting idea

  40. pking says:

    An iphone Ap would be great. I follow your blog regularly.

  41. A7L-B says:

    And how about an easy button to stop any potentially distracting flashing, moving, animation, etc…

  42. Greg0658 says:

    this place is still my favorite blog for relavant stuff & blahblah .. coming on 5 years now* with 2/27 print queue flash

    I’ve noticed bloggers recommend things already posted in other Tabs (so maybe that doesn’t pop out on some screens) .. maybe a widget exists to point out a link is already posted (here)

    biggest request > moderated drop ins > NOTED or re-time stamped and dropped into the bottom

    I suppose 2nd would be a MARK (someway) that “I’ve read this bloggers point already” (would need to sign in)

    *coda – been thru a redesign – I agree its the content – don’t know if I’m part of the cure or part of the problem – this comes out heavier than real but this nearly 100yearold A/V fad is waning for me

    psst – offT but not:

  43. constantnormal says:

    Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

    If you MUST make a version of the site for iPads, two things …

    1) have an obvious way to set a cookie to express a preference for the nominal, unmodified site … Up front, not buried in a footer

    2) have the custom iPad layout incorporate some feature that is desperately needed, but missing, like an in-context preview (or better yet, edit) capability for reader response creation

  44. nj-professor says:

    Google Search was launched in September, 1997 and has had very little change to its stark, 6 word (“GOOGLE”, “Google Search”, “I’m Feeling Lucky”) layout in 14 years? Why? Because less is more.
    Keep up the great work. Remember that any “refresh” should keep the information, NOT the bells and whistles, first and foremost.

    Make sure that whoever writes the code does so nimbly and in a way that does not slow down page loading.

  45. constantnormal says:

    Whatever you do, fix the site so that the Safari Reader facility works when an individual post is opened. The same for any similar features on competing browsers. Older eyes enjoy the uncluttered clean reading that the Reader feature brings to the web.

    The distractions get their bid for attention early on, but once the viewer has decided to focus on a specific post, everything else should get out of the way.

  46. constantnormal says:

    Please disregard my previous post. The site DOES work, as-is with Safari’s Reader facility. I was using a non-Safari browser when I posted that — plus, I’m an idiot.

  47. NolansDad says:

    How about giving readers what they really want. A Barry Cam. This would be a live camera similiar to a confessional room. You could convert an old phone booth and put it in the middle of the office and whenever
    You feel the urge you can greet your readers live and spew some of your wisdom. This is what I personally
    Want to see and it would bring this site up to date. How about it?


    BR: Blech

  48. bobbyd says:

    Have you looked over to find a wordpress theme that has the design/functionality you want?

  49. rktbrkr says:

    First of all this is my fav site. Not that I’ve sucked up here are some general thoughts.

    KISS, often web sites just have too much stuff, too many bells & whistles although your links to graphic porn are great.

    Avoid change for change’s sake. Too often web sites jam changes down my throat when I’m comfy with the old format (like Yahoo).

    Some posts are truly temporal but maybe there is a way to keep a limited number of important topics open for continuing commentary and updates? Bank fraud, housing,Euro rescues etc.

    The Safari wall of recent visits is a great visual and completely contrary to the KISS approach, maybe have a number of screen dedicated to recent posts and the other screens for still active older posts – agolden oldies section.

    Maybe I just need a larger PC screen LOL

  50. This is a great blog and in this field Blog kind of look and feel works the best. I would suggest you to keep the website postings with similar way.

    My suggestion would be to add a Twitter / Social media related information to you Right side space. It will give users broad perspective about you and your followers.

    Another suggestion would be to add Iphone app which I think is Must and also a IPAD app is allmost must. Most people do have time during travelling and during lunch time. They should have a way to access your blog from mobile devices. That will attract many users to your site.


  51. Trevor says:

    Barry, I should have noted the reason I mentioned WordPress Mobile Pack. I host a non-commercial public transit WP blog ( for a friend. Without his trying, the site has become the go-to site for Toronto transit aficionados. Steve has used the WMP plug-in for quite some time and reports it works well for the various mobile ’phones that visit (he uses a Crackberry). One of the main advantages of WMP is that the user can toggle between full site or mobile version, by touching the toggle switch at the bottom left of any page. Steve does not have many graphics; but, even if he did, such graphics are very likely to clutter the small screens of mobile ’phones.

    IIRC, you have an iPhone. Take it for a spin at Steve’s site to see what I mean. I don’t think that there’s any reason to test sites with iPads, because the iPad has a full browser and has enough space. As for 7″ tablets, they are neither fish nor fowl in this context, so catering to them will always be difficult (small screens and buttons, but just large enough that some pictures in full-content sites will work well enough).

    One issue is to note one’s viewers vision. Are they middle-aged business peopls, possibly with failing vision (and egos that may limit their use of glasses), or are they youth with the near-perfect near vision? If the former, small text and graphics on small screens are not likely to be a successful approach, but plain-text is perfect for their visits using mobile ’phones.

  52. phb says:

    As I avoid the necessary reading glasses as much as possible, PLEASE include an iPad version! iPhone version will do nothing for me. Thanks for listening.

  53. phb says:

    Oh, nearly forgot, please add your travel calendar…can be in a separate tab or discretely hidden away. I don’t care if you post destination, just that you are traveling and the time away…I have a few option trades to place and using the uncanny correlation would be most helpful!

  54. bm says:

    I would be interested in seeing a tab where you could put your daily reading posts in. Many times I don’t get to or forget to read articles that you post that interest me. It would be easier than scrolling down to previous posts to find the lists.

    While you don’t want a thumbs up/down button for your, how about a like button for reader’s comments?

  55. Sean M says:

    Hi Barry,

    You can serve up different versions of your site based on the device visitors are viewing it from by determining their screen size. This would allow you to style content separately for older phones, smart phones, tablet devices and PC’s. It would take a bit more work than installing something like the WordPress Mobile Pack, but you’d have much more control over the display of your content and you could match it to a new graphical design.

    As bobbyd mentioned, WordPress templates are fairly high quality, but you’ll lose a bit of your uniqueness. It’s best to have something designed for your individual needs, but if you’re looking for a quick solution, those are great. Be careful about simply installing and activating. Some of your plugins & widgets might conflict. Always make a DB backup and site backup before making changes.

    For functionality, there are some great suggestions here (search, daily reading, comment edits for regsitered users, etc.) WordPress is a powerful system and could be extended to meet all of these needs.

    If you’re looking for help implementing any of these, shoot me an email. I do development work in Portland, Maine.


  56. DeDude says:

    The way I usually read the debate is to go in and find the newly added contributions (since I last visited that specific posting). I don’t like the way CNN and NYT organize their debates, because it makes it more difficult to just find the latest added contributions.

  57. graubart says:

    The one thing that I think would make the biggest impact is to explore the use of “Living Stories”. This is something that Google experimented with a bit and that the sports blog SB Nation uses.
    the basic idea is that you can take a theme and stitch together many blog posts over time, creating a topic page for that theme. the theme might be a company or a macro topic like Italian debt.

    What I like about Living Stories is that someone who follows the theme closely can quickly see the updates to the topic, while someone who’s coming in new can read through the history as well.

    A side benefit is that it’s great from a Google SEO standpoint. While posts are cool and can generate a traffic spike for a week or two, these Living Stories topic pages are evergreen and drive ongoing traffic.

    Not sure you could easily do it in WordPress, but worth looking at. I think you’ll see some interesting things in this area in the next year or two.

  58. market_disciple says:

    Creating an iPhone App version would be awesome. Now I have to use Safari in my iPhone to read TBP posts while I’m on transit.

    At least start with read-only feature first if you are going to create a TBP iPhone app. Then more features can be added later (i.e. Allowing readers to post comments, etc.) once it gains more traction.

  59. jjmellon says:

    Because your blog is basically a single column, it is very easy to read in the browser on my Android phone. On my Android tablet, I have enough screen real estate to read the standard versions of all web sites, but many insist on being too smart and sending me their simplified mobile versions. So I would definitely suggest not wasting effort on an Android app, or even a mobile version.

    At current smartphone screen resolutions and CPU power, I think special apps for web sites are obsolete, and special mobile versions are only necessary when the basic web page is too busy and complicated, which yours is not.

  60. Jim Hodson says:

    I have become hooked on the Stitcher app –Self selected automagically updated audio content. A 1 to 5 minute podcast once or twice a week of highlights or even some verbal responses to comments so you can get a last word in would be a great addition to my morning commute.

  61. covel says:

    Thanks for starting this conversation Barry. Can a WP blog continue to have its built in comment structure/system and also allow people to comment from other SM such as FB, Twitter, etc.? So comments like here are a combination of WP comments and people using their logins from SM sites to post too. Doable? I would like to see the integration between WP and SM sites much tighter. Make life easier!

  62. Kesteloo says:

    Hello Barry,

    I’m the owner of SIENN USA an internet marketing company with offices in the US (Danbury, CT), The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. We have over 3000 sites running on our SIENN Web CMS and specialize in Blogging, SEO, Social Media, etc.

    Personally I’m very interested in global economic developments and have been reading your site for quite some time now. I guess you could say I’m a fan.

    Here’s my offer for you. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a website with all the bells and whistles you require. For instance: a custom design, Blog + Facebook comments + Social Sharing buttons + connection to your Twitter page and Facebook Fan page. We will provide add space for you on your site. Real time analytics, news letter and an e-store are available options as well. All our sites use the SIENN web CMS so that you can update your site from anywhere, anytime. We will provide you with a site built in HTML5 and with different templates to suit different mobile devices. Your site will work just fine whether people access it on an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc. We will provide our services to you at cost and would seek to be reimbursed thru a capped revenue/profit sharing model. If you were to accept this offer, you’d have a dedicated support team to help you with your website. This would allow you to focus more on your blog and reach a larger audience.

    Why do I make you this offer? We are looking to expand our internet marketing business by partnering with leading bloggers in different industries/markets. Selectively we will make offers like this to a limited number of bloggers.

    Let me know if you are interested. I’d be happy to meet with you in or around NYC to show our portfolio and discuss your new site.

    Best regards,
    Haye Kesteloo

  63. GB says:

    Be sure to check floodlight sw for mobile app needs

  64. vailrider says:

    Please reconsider. Your blog is absolutely perfect as-is. The balance of infographics, links, and even mobile phone readability is already perfect (I read regularly on my Droid). I come here every day before visiting other sites because the secret sauce has been found. Please do not repeat the mistakes of the Gawker empire and blow up this great blog. If it ain’t broke….

  65. Greg0658 says:

    Haye Kesteloo@sienn .. nice invite .. I checked out your site (this that) Nice .. and then> /references/the sailboats

    the Forum in there is a fav .. I’ve seen/used on Kerry for POTUS and Canopus video solutions (now GrassValley)

    1 thing tho .. I like to surf (usually dont have problems) in Zoom 125% with my widescreen laptop .. the screen spilled over with those link-in apps on the left .. oh 2 things – I dislike floaters as I scroll down (distracting)

  66. nicholasteague says:

    Monetization brainstorming: keep content free, but charge for early access to original content – ie members see posts a day before general public.

  67. Scott Teresi says:

    Along with the top-notch content, I think part of this site is the community generated by the commenters.

    I’d like to be able to bring up a page of info about a commenter by clicking on their name: see their location, a bio, link to a web site (all optional), plus a list of their postings.

    Also, being able to edit a previously-posted comment would be a big help to us commenters!

  68. dbowe says:

    check out the guys at , they’ve fantastic experience and expertise in what you are looking for and busy picking up award for their creative and fresh designs. Tell them I sent you and you might get a cut!

  69. Kesteloo says:


    Whatever Barry and the community decides/recommends is what we would build. From a technical point of view there really aren’t many restrictions. For instance floaters can be fixed or ‘float’. A subscription model for early access (@nicholasteague) can be done for sure as well as profile pages for commenters.

    If we move forward with this we could communicate the proposed design and features of the site with larger community and have people vote on the different items. This could be a good way to come to a final website that would please as many people as possible.

    But before I get ahead of myself…first Barry needs to decide if this is what he wants to do.

    Some example sites we’ve done:


  70. bn718 says:

    I read your articles several times each week on an iPad. Please don’t change a thing. The site is fresh, clean and the content is delivered quickly. Don’t buy into the site refresh mantra. Its all about the content, stupid!(pardon) And this site has some of the best content available.

    Look back at your old album covers and ask yourself if you would have bought more albums based on the artwork if the music was crap.

  71. Gatsby says:

    An iOS app would be AWESOME! What about Kindle subscriptions?

    I have used OAK Computing before to develop apps and they were great.

  72. Bill Beatty says:

    A mobile version would be fantastic. I find myself clicking through to articles from UberSocial or SocialScope. The current design of the site makes it difficult to read on a Blackberry.