MW and Mercedes-Benz are locked in an expensive race for bragging rights as this year’s top-selling luxury car in the U.S. market, and customers are benefiting. Mike Ramsey has details on The News Hub from Detroit.

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3 Responses to “WSJ: Why Now is the Time to Buy a BMW or Mercedes”

  1. OscarWildeDog says:

    No, now is not the time to buy a new car, esp. a beemer or benz. For what reason? Status? Privilege? Bragging rights? Comfort? Sure, why not? Only 9% of all Americans have ever left the country, so why not see something other than the mall or Niagara Falls? College fees are rampantly rising – why not save for college? Save for a rainy day…retirement? Philanthropy? No, same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Barry’s made it, I’ve made it – but the difference I suppose is that some of us have to show off our wealth. Priorities. Principles. Values.

  2. pksdiva says:

    For what reason? My lease is up. I use the car for business. I need a car with room in the back for passengers. I test-drove seven cars and chose the BMW. Why? Because the maintenance plan was the strongest and I was able to get the most new safety features for the price. All maintenance throughout the lease is covered. Oh, and I’ve been out of the country many times, paid for college, have a retirement account and contribute regularly to my church and another local organization for the homeless and people who need health care. I am not wealthy by any means but I do have values and priorities which don’t include a luxury car. The car is a means to an end.

  3. ddl24 says:

    to OscarWildeDog,
    Are you assuming that when people buy MB/BMW, they can’t accomplish all other things you have mentioned at the same time? Who said they are mutually exclusive events? Just because someone is stretching to buy one, doens’t mean every potential buyer is stretching…agreed?