History Shots has a cool new graphic poster for sale looking at the long history of Financial Crises. I can easily see this framed on my office wall:

Click to zoom into graphic:

Source: History Shots


Cycles of Financial Crises 1810 to 2010
Size: 36 x 18 inches
Price: $32.95

Category: Bailouts, Credit, Digital Media

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3 Responses to “Cycles of Financial Crises 1810 to 2010”

  1. TR says:

    I’m a huge fan of charts, graphs and the like.

  2. WoodyinNYC says:

    Sorry, the Devil is in the details: “A run-up in low income mortgage loans lead to a real estate bubble and the 2007 US subprime financial crisis,” a chart label that I don’t think is accurate. I’m not impressed.

  3. longwave says:

    Not sure who is behind the editorial or who fact checks, but how can you publish a historical graphic of the cycles of financial crises over the past 200 years and leave out the Panic of 1907? Are you kidding me? There would be no Fed if not for the 1907 Panic. This is amateur hour. Pretty graphics, but zero credibility. It’s a shame because they have a nice talent for visualizing a lot of information…they just need people with actual subject matter expertise.