How to Restore an Old Car on a Budget

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8 Responses to “How to Restore an Old Car”

  1. freethinker52 says:

    as someone who has done it many times i can tell you that is no way to paint a car.

  2. quantacide says:

    The infographics are getting a little stretched here. You don’t need to sand all the paint off, you shouldn’t paint a car with rollers (although it has been done), and just painting a car is the last of many many many steps that only gets tackled after that car you bought to restore sits in your garage for 3-5 years.

  3. Marc399 says:

    I like the iPad friendly layout EXCEPT you can’t pinch and zoom. Why? My eyesight isn’t what it used to be.
    The beauty of the iPad is that you can zoom anything (unless the site constrains you)
    Please fix this.

    Thank you

  4. Theravadin says:

    My basic principle for restoring old motorcycles/cars/boats: forget the budget part. It will cost so many times what you thought it would that you might as well not bother budgeting. Whatever the budget is, the end cost will be more than you could afford… but probably worth it as well!

  5. Joe says:

    I like stuff posts like this. It helps some poor guy get out from under a project that he probably never should have considered. But then, once upon a time he read an article like this and took the plunge. And now it is someone else’s turn.

    There were questions omitted;

    Do you have 5 times the space and resources and time and WAF (wife acceptance factor) originally presupposed?
    Do you want a magazine spread quality looking car,or a 100-100 quality car? (Looks good at 100 feet or at 100 MPH) What can you accomplish and what will make you happy and what can you afford?
    Do you have your shit together enough to find the car you really want to end up with and come to terms with what the owner paid for it and what he wants for it and what he can get for it and what it will take for you to produce the same car?
    Are you a direct descendant of Sisyphus and Croesus?

  6. dsawy says:

    That’s freakin’ hilarious. It was obviously ginned up by someone who either has never really worked on cars or who is playing a mean practical joke on their readers.

    The bit on the paint job is a laugh riot. Starting with “sand off old paint with 600 grit paper.” That won’t take a day. That won’t take a week. Maybe someone could have it done in a couple of weeks… if they have nothing else to do. Of course, there’s no talk about filling or raising dents, etc.

  7. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    Anybody that has actually done this type of work would recognize this as a complete hoax.

  8. DSS10 says:

    Rollers, hahahaha, Rollers…….