File this under “Signs of the Time” — a new free online financial program ReadyForZero designed to “help you manage and reduce debt.”

The site lets you aggregate of all of your debt info, create a payment plan, and follow your progress in getting out of debt. Its the weight watchers model — the site’s founders claim you can get out of debt twice as fast:



Hat tip Fastco Designs

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3 Responses to “Signs of the Time: ReadyForZero”

  1. ignacio says:

    Hey, I’m a long-time reader and happen to be co-founder of the site. Thanks for the mention! We’re excited to be part of the great de-leveraging ;)


  2. ignacio says:

    Also, I wanted to mention that we have interesting data that we can share in aggregate that shows the effect of this that we’d be happy to share. We’re starting to do some studies with economists at Stanford about how people get into debt, and are starting to do some more scientific (as opposed to observational) experiments with our site. We’d be happy to share those as well if there’s any interest.


  3. smedleyb says:

    “Getting to zero” is the new “getting ahead.”

    Can’t wait till we as a society start really “getting ahead” again, i.e., investing our savings into productive enterprises. Until then, getting to zero trumps less than zero.