Earlier this week, we discussed whether Lender Processing Services deserved the “Corporate Death Penalty“.  You can see all of our prior LPS discussions are here.

I bring this up because there is a fascinating post over at Reality Check, which declares Florida’s new AG Pam Bondi “the BFF of foreclosure fraudsters” such as LPS. (I will have more on Bondi later this week).

It is well worth your time to plow through this full discussion, including the links.

If it gets too depressing, then simply shift your reading to any of Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen’s hilarious novels. If you want to learn what a swamp of corruption Florida is, how the nexus between RE developers and political hacks has helped create a fetid atmosphere of influence peddling — and have a good chuckle in the process — than he is your man.

Best of all, you can pretend that these novels are all fiction.

Unless you are a homeowner in Florida, who has been defrauded by corrupt law firms and document fraud, living in a state where the AG in the pocket of the Fraudsters. Then you are pretty much fucked.

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12 Responses to “Florida’s Foreclosure Crisis Is a Law UNEnforcement Issue”

  1. farmera1 says:

    Now careful there BR, you are messing with the Tea Party here.


    The scandal-tarred CEO turned Tea Party darling is learning that running a state isn’t at all like running a company.

    “Nobody knows for sure how to pull off the economic turnaround the new governor is aiming for, and Scott, 59, is an unlikely figure to lead the charge. He’s never held elected office, and if he hadn’t won this one, his epitaph might have been etched in 1997, when he was tossed from the top job at Columbia/HCA (HCA). Scott, a domineering, results-oriented entrepreneur, built it into the largest hospital company in the country — a decade-long run that ended when federal investigators launched a probe into massive Medicare fraud at the company; Scott was never charged with wrongdoing, but Columbia/HCA ended up settling with the Justice Department for a record $1.7 billion.”

  2. b_thunder says:

    If she wasn’t a Republican, she’d be on Obama’s “short list” to replace Holder. Geithner would definitely highly recommend her.

    btw, she’s HOTTTT!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pam_Bondi

  3. Mark Down says:

    We might be ‘fu*ked but by golly the weather has been beautiful!

  4. ashpelham2 says:

    If people think that what happened at Columbia HCA isn’t still going on in another vailed format, they are smoking grass. It lives on, but it’s shielded in another way.

    And it’s too humid in Florida for me.

  5. gordo365 says:

    What’s up with Florida? Aren’t Florida “clinics” also the primary source for all the Oxycodone /Ocycontin addicts east of the Mississippi?

    Poster child state for the “more guns less laws” crowd?

  6. AHodge says:

    she should have a mug shot, rather than handing them out–or not
    but i think we should give the rank and file judges–some anyway–credit this time around

    basically this is more of judges trying to implement law, esp reform law
    and the govts federal and some states and atty generals trying to stop it
    just like the historic federal reform flipflop i mentioned yesterday
    i disagree with the reality check notion that the Atty generals mortgage group could even look like law enforcement
    the whole deal is now based on the opposite of law enforcement,
    and a “fine” read payoff for the AGs

    but god bless the judges
    down in Collier county they are foreclosing on bankamererica branches or their furniture when they dont payup on wrongful foreclosure judgements

  7. Brett Tibbitts says:

    I never cease to be amazed by the blindly partisan comments on this site. Interesting that you pick out a Republican AG this time. But for all the anti-Tea Party comments, please tell me dear liberals what your Attorney General Eric Holder has done to stop fraud and crime in the financial and housing sectors. Please tell me how many prosecutions his Justice Department has brought in 3 years. Want to place bets on whether the Justice Department is completely looking the other way at John Corzine’s actions? Instead of all the partisan crap, why don’t we unite as a society and start demanding prosecution of these guys. How are Angelo Mozillo and Frankin Raines still skating away with 99% of “their” money?


    BR: It has nothing to do with the fact she is a Republican, it has to do with the fact she is a corrupt defender of criminals. If this simple issue is beyond your grasp, you need to stop playing football without a helmet.

    Holder is a bum, and I have stated that before. So far, it is California, NY, Nevada and Delaware.

  8. Brett Tibbitts says:

    BR: Back to the field without my helmet….AGAIN. I wasn’t referring to your original post. I was referring to many of the comments posted about your article. The comments immediately start in with the crap like “what do you expect from the Tea Party?” The lack of prosecution of corrupt bankers and housing financiers isn’t a liberal /conservative issue. It’s the result of a government on both sides of the aisle that has lost its way and a legal system that is fastly becoming a joke. This is ONE area where both liberals and conservatives ought to be able to agree: prosecute the bastards.


    BR: My bad — I am swatting away emails today defending her, and my patience expires quickly

  9. philipat says:

    Bondi is now also making guest appearances on Faux, which seems appropriate. Apart from having all the other attributes of a Faux airhead bimbo (Blonde hair, big t**ts etc.) she also shares the philosophy of being, at best, disingenouous, whilst pretending to be honest, fair and balanced. A match made in heaven.

  10. DeDude says:


    I will give you that neither side is perfect when it comes to any issue. However, you do need to look a little closer when you claim that it “isn’t a liberal/conservative issue”. Just look at what happened in committee with the latest financial reform package and who it is that want to scrap the whole thing including the few good things that it contains. Who wanted stronger and who wanted weaker oversights of the banksters, and who wanted to make illegal the things that are dead wrong but currently cannot be prosecuted. There is indeed one side of the political spectrum that are ready to serve the 99% on a silver plate to Wall Street without reservations, and the other side who at least want a few restrictions placed on the worst abuse.

  11. Sunny129 says:

    Look behind the curtain, guys!

    It is absolutely NOTHING to with Reps vs Dems, Lib vs Cons, Right vs left.

    pull the curtain: Financial Oligarchy a subsidiary of CORPORATOCRACY controlling all the three branches of Govt and 90% of MSM.

  12. DiggidyDan says:

    Count me as fucked.

    Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for her or the mindblowingly corrupt Great Scott!

    It sucks living amidst a population of myopic functional imbeciles who vote the shysters in (against their own best interests) and pepetuate the madness, but like somebody above pointed out, the weather is quite nice.