The afternoon train reading:

• Ten All New Management Terms for 2012 (Macro Man)
• Falling Volatility as a BUY Signal (Market Watch) see also Year of the Yo-Yo (New Yorker)
• Everything I need to know about startups, I learned from a crime boss (Gigaom)
• Action on U.S. Housing Still Vital for Economic Expansion (Bloomberg) see also Fed Up With the Depressed State of Housing (WSJ)
• Credit Card Firms: They Don’t Just Steal From Cardholders (Rolling Stone)
• The coming war on general-purpose computing (BoingBoing)
• How Microbes Teamed to Clean Gulf (WSJ) see also Nigeria’s oil disasters are met by silence (Guardian)
• Dylan Ratigan on an Exciting New Form of Online Gaming (The New Republic)
• Onetime Internet Darling Yahoo Now on a Deathwatch (The Daily Beast)
• The Twitter-Google Chess Match (The Reformed Broker) see also Google Adds Posts From G+ to Search Results (Bits)

What are you reading?
Coincidence . . . ?

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8 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. Futuredome says:

    lol. What uproar? Why? The article was sour grapes mumbling about mythical ‘free markets’.

  2. ews says:

    The BoingBoing article is incredible.

  3. lunartop says:

    “Greece: The history behind the collapse”

  4. VennData says:

    2012 buzzword 11) Wheelhouse.

    “…growth and margins will increase as they stay within their wheelhouse…”

  5. ews,

    re..The coming war on general-purpose computing (BoingBoing)

    no doubt.

    LSS: if peep have the ability to ‘Roll their Own’, they have the capacity to Buy Less..

    even (allowing) the ‘capacity’ (to exist) lowers ‘Profit Margins’..

    remember the ol’ adage..”Beggars can’t be Choosers..”

  6. formerlawyer says:

    The Republican National Committee seeks to overturn the 104 year old ban on corporate donations to political candidates.