My back-from-the-beach reading:

• S&P 500 Cheapest to Bonds on Zero Fed Rates (Bloomberg) See also Wall Street Confounded as Volatility Extends Record Stretch (Bloomberg)
• Under Volcker, Old Dividing Line in Banks May Return (DealBook)
• ECB preparing to close liquidity floodgates (Reuters)
• Plan B for China’s Wealthy: Moving to the U.S., Europe (WSJ) See also China Mfr Data Show Risk of Deeper Slowdown on Exports  (Bloomberg)
Gary Shilling: Why Renters Rule U.S. Housing Market  (Bloomberg)
• Living to 100? That Will Be $3.5M (Smart Money)
• The Northern and Western European Housing Bubble (The Bubble Bubble)
• How Much Would it Cost to build the Death Star? (Centives)
• How Waiters Read Your Table (WSJ)
• Lessig’s One Way Forward (BoingBoing)

What are you reading?


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12 Responses to “10 MidWeek PM Reads”

  1. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Gary Shilling article: EPIC.

  2. Moe says:

    Good to see Bloomberg continuing its ‘ “let’s find the most difficult and fractured way to express our thoughts” headline approach.

  3. Jojo says:

    Nightline 2/21: Apple’s Chinese Factories: Exclusive
    An exclusive look inside Apple’s factory in China.

  4. Sechel says:

    I’m glad to see big firms like PIMCO calling out the American Securitization forum for failing to represent the buy-side. 22 (Bloomberg) — Pacific Investment Management Co. is quitting the American Securitization Forum after the trade group declined to issue a statement about investors’ views on the nationwide foreclosure settlement this month by five banks, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

    Pimco, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, informed ASF Executive Director Tom Deutsch of its decision in early February, said the people, who requested anonymity because the talks were private. The episode underscored Pimco’s concern that the trade group doesn’t advocate for debt buyers as well as banks that underwrite mortgages, the people said.

  5. forwhomthebelltolls says:

    This guy makes me seriously question my life thus far.

  6. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    That Wall Street Confounded by Volatility link is over 2-months old, BR. Was that a goof? I mean, the NY Jets still thought they’d make the playoffs when that thing was printed.

  7. sellstop says:

    “The Spirit Level. Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger”

  8. gman says:

    The volatility article was terrible. It was confusing the VIX and implied vol on the VIX. First and second derivatives of volatility, big difference.
    And someone said upthread it is old. Actual vol has been undershooting implied for most of the year…not at all what is implied in the article.

  9. gman says:

    Wow..2 stinkers on Bloomberg.

    The housing article has raw data that does not fit most of what is being posted on Calculated Risk most days.

    ” ratio of home prices to yearly rents at 11.3, down from the bubble peak of 18.5, but still higher than the 1989-2003 average of 10.”

    …making no account of the financing cost now, w/ ratio of 11.3 v. the 10 number when rates where much higher is typical of the errors he made through out the article.

    Reading Schillings bio, he can’t be that stupid can he?

  10. bonzo says:

    @forwhomthebelltolls: I wonder if john fairfax is any relation to this guy?

  11. zitidiamond says:

    I’m just waiting for O’reilly to tell us about the enormous sea of oil, enough to power our economy for at least 125 years, lying off the coast of Frisco that Obama and Pelosi won’t let us get at because Barbra Streisand and Warren Buffett can’t bear having their sushi splattered by a few drops of oil.